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Yeo Valley

Cardiff Business School has partnered with Yeo Valley, the largest organic dairy producer in the UK, on a project to streamline the company's forecasting, planning and replenishment systems.

The £220,000 two-year collaborative project is being led by Dr Laura Purvis, Professor Stephen Disney and Professor Aris Syntetos, from the School's Logistics and Operations Management section.

The new project and partnership enables the School and Yeo Valley to conduct research into flexible and resilient operations and supply chain management strategies.

The project officially commenced in May 2017 and a Research Associate will be embedded into Yeo Valley for the duration of the two-year project to work collaboratively, and in consultation, with the Cardiff Business School team. During the course of the project it is likely that a series of workshops with various stakeholders from Yeo Valley, as well as their extended supply chain (suppliers and customers), will be held.

Industry partners

Yeo Valley currently employs more than 1,800 people and is an outstanding case study of how a brand has achieved significant business growth while maintaining its authenticity and supporting the values of local organic producers sourcing from local suppliers. This local, sustainable and socially-minded approach aligns well with Cardiff Business School's public value mission. Read more about the School's public value activity.