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Withdrawal implications

Last updated: 23/09/2022 15:42

All students are given a two-week grace period from the start of their course when no tuition fees are charged.

Students funded by Student Finance

Following the two-week grace period, you will be charged the following minimum amounts:

  • Term 1 (from Mon 17 October 2022 to Sun 22 January 2023) - 25%
  • Term 2 (from Mon 23 January 2023 to Fri 14 April 2023) - 50%
  • Term 3 (from Sat 15 April 2023 to Fri 16 June 2023) - 100%.

Students not funded by Student Finance

Following the two-week grace period, you will be charged, less any non-refundable deposit, on a pro-rata basis on the number of weeks in attendance from the start of the course:

  • 32 weeks for undergraduate students
  • 52 weeks for postgraduate students.

An appropriate refund will be made if necessary.

There are occasions where specific courses will have different rules on the refund of fees. In these exceptions, and where the regulations on the refund of tuition fees differ from those outlined above, this will be clearly notified to you before starting the course.

Contact us

We advise that you speak to a member of staff in the Finance Office to discuss the implications of withdrawal on your tuition fees. You may also want to discuss other aspects of withdrawal, such as the financial implications on your funding, with a member of the Advice and Money Team.

Tuition fees enquiries

Student Funding and Advice Team

Student Funding and Advice (Heath Park)

Cardiff Business School Student Support (Cardiff Business School)