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Using your SIMS online portal

Last updated: 11/07/2023 11:30

Information about your SIMS (Student Information Management System) online portal, including how to access it and what to do if you're unable to login.

Your SIMS online portal allows you to:

  • complete online enrolment
  • choose modules
  • request changes to your programme of study
  • maintain your personal details
  • access academic history
  • prove your student status and pay tuition fees
  • notify the university of your intention to withdraw
  • request an Interruption of Study (suspend study).

It is important that you keep your details accurate and up to date on SIMS and inform the university of any changes.

Your data held on SIMS is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Accessing SIMS

Unable to access SIMS online

Make sure you're typing the URL - - into the address bar at the top of your screen and not into a search engine (for example, Google).

It's possible that if you're trying to visit SIMS online from outside your home - for instance, at your workplace - it might be blocked by the organisation. Contact your network administrator for advice.

Unable to login

Forgotten password

If you're a new student, we would have issued you a password at the applicant stage and asked that you change it to something more memorable.

If you've forgotten your password, you may have completed some security questions which will allow you to reset your password. Otherwise, at the SIMS online login screen, you can click on the 'forgotten password' link to opt to have a reset code sent to the email address or mobile that's held on SIMS from your application.

You should not share your login details or passwords with other people.

Getting past the security questions

If you've successfully entered in your username and password, but can't get past the extra security questions, check that you're entering the correct student number (found at top of enrolment communication).

Make sure you're entering your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

Username and password aren't working

Check that you are typing your Cardiff University username and password into the correct fields. If an error message appears, make a note of it in the event you need to contact us for help.

Still having problems?

If you have questions about online enrolment - either accessing SIMS online or with the accuracy of data - contact the enrolment team through Student Connect or by phone. If possible, make a note of any error message you receive.

Enrolment enquiries

If your query relates to fees, contact the Finance team.

Tuition fees enquiries from students

Online enrolment is compulsory, and we advise that you complete it before you arrive in Cardiff - but if you can't access a computer or get online, you can register on your arrival at the University in one of our enrolment venues where staff will be on hand to help.

You can do this at the Student ID Card collection point.