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Specialist support services

If you're recommended a specialist support service as a reasonable adjustment by the Disability and Dyslexia Service or following your DSA needs assessment, we can provide this service for you via our in-house services.

Support worker service

We have a team of support workers who can work with you to assist you with a range of study related activities, such as:

  • note-taking in lectures
  • orientation and mobility support around campus
  • assistance in laboratory and practical classes.

Specialist study skills tuition

We have a team of specialist study skills tutors who provide specialist study skills support for students whose disability impacts their study in some aspect. The support our tutors offers is focused on developing study skills in the following areas:

  • organisational and time management
  • note-taking and writing techniques
  • effective research
  • academic writing
  • reading fluency and efficiency
  • spelling and grammar
  • revision and memory strategies
  • independent learning.

Mental health mentoring service

Our mental health mentors provide support to manage your study related needs that may be affected by the impact of your mental health condition. The support our mentors offers is focused on developing study skills in the following areas:

  • procrastination
  • perfectionism
  • motivation
  • concentration
  • independent learning.

If you are on the autism spectrum we can liaise with outreach mentors to come onto campus and work with you to develop a range of strategies, such as social, communication and independent living skills, as well as organisation, planning and problem solving skills.

If you have had any of these specialist support services recommended and authorised by external sources of funding, such as the DSA, then your funding body will cover the cost of this support for you.

We encourage applicants to get in touch with us to discuss organising this support prior to starting your studies.

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