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Postgraduate Cardiff Neuroscience Society

Supported by the Neuroscience and Mental Health Innovation Institute, the Postgraduate Cardiff Neuroscience Society (PCNS) is a neuroscience society that holds regular cafés and social events specifically for postgraduate students and post-doctorates who have an interest in neuroscience.

The popular neuroscience cafés, which include pizza, wine and nibbles, allow neuroscientists from a broad range of backgrounds and postgraduates from other disciplines to come together to hear about and debate contemporary and sometimes controversial aspects of neuroscience.

“The PCNS provides a good informal setting to engage with like-minded people and provide a platform to discover new interesting areas of research that I might not have come across otherwise”

PCNS member

They host a variety of events, including science cafés, film screenings and social events, allowing neuroscientists to meet in an informal setting and have fun.

Spotlight on...

This talk series focuses on educational case studies and gives attendees the opportunity to meet and hear first hand from patients suffering with specific mental and neurological illnesses. Patients will be accompanied by a clinician who can provide insight into the science behind the condition.

Science Café

The science cafés cover a diverse range of neuroscience research topics including:

  • Memory – use it or lose it?
  • Understanding Autism
  • Science in the Media

with speakers from different backgrounds providing insight into the ethical, social and philosophical aspects of neuroscience, helping to raise awareness of this important discipline.


For information on upcoming events, general enquiries or to become a free member, please email: