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Plasma ball

Cardiff University researcher awarded a fellowship in the field of traumatic brain injury

26 July 2021

Cardiff University researcher awarded MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship in traumatic brain injury.

Brain scans

Cardiff University researcher awarded the Guarantors of the Brain Fellowship

8 July 2021

A researcher from the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute (NMHRI) and the BRAIN Unit has been awarded the Guarantors of the Brain Fellowship.

An impression of synapses in the brain

NHMRI co-hosts successful annual Brain Research Conference for a worldwide audience

30 June 2021

NHMRI partnered with the Timothy Syndrome Alliance to shine a spotlight on the latest research

Isadora Sinha

DPMCN postgraduate student wins prestigious award for contributing to the Cardiff University student experience

10 June 2021

PhD student Isadora Sinha won the Student Union President's Award for her work as the BME Officer.

Computer-generated image of synapses

Cardiff University neuroimmunologist receives Medical Research Council grant

7 June 2021

Cardiff University neuroimmunologist receives Medical Research Council grant

Young boy with his hood up using a laptop at home

Waterloo Foundation Annual Conference an online success

19 May 2021

This year's conference gave a valuable insight into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of young people.

illustration of neurons with glowing cells

Casting a light on the neuropathology of psychiatric illness

10 May 2021

A recent study led from the NMHRI reveals how communication between neurons in a brain region linked to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are altered.

Cardiff University genomics researcher awarded Medical Research Foundation fellowship

7 May 2021

Cardiff University genomics researcher Dr Samuel Chawner has been awarded a Medical Research Foundation (MRF) eating disorders and self-harm fellowship.


Transatlantic Exchange for Neuroscience Discovery (TEND)

11 January 2021

Drs Trevor Humby and William Davies were awarded the Sêr Cymru Strategic Partnership Accelerator Award alongside Western University

Parkinsons research event

Stratifying deeply phenotyped Parkinson’s patients with blood-based immune signatures

1 January 2021

Funding from the Health and Care Research Wales Health PhD Studentship awards to investigate the role of inflammation in Parkinson’s disease