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Inflammation represents the coordinated immune response to infection, trauma and injury.

When appropriately controlled, inflammation ensures competent host defence and prevents excessive damage of the affected tissue or organ structure.

In chronic inflammatory diseases, this process is disrupted and instead of offering protection, drives disease progression.

Theme lead

Professor Ann Ager

Professor Ann Ager

Professor of Cellular Immunity and Immunotherapy, Division of Infection and Immunity and Systems Immunity Research Institute

+44 (0)29 2068 8872

Area of interest

Cytokine immunology in chronic disease progression.

Principal members of staff

NameArea of interest
Professor Ernest ChoyClinical rheumatology and biologic drug therapies
Dr Charlotte Rawlings Clinical rheumatology
Professor Andrew Finlay Infection
Professor Paul MartinCancer and wound healing
Dr John Ingram Clinical dermatology
Professor Valerie O'DonnellLipidomics
Professor Peter Collins Clinical haematology and clotting
Professor Paul Morgan Complement biology, neuroimmunology
Professor Kathy Triantafilou 
Dr Martha Triantafilou Innate sensing mechanisms
Dr Timothy Hughes Complement biology, cardiovascular disease
Professor Donald Fraser Clinical nephrology and fibrosis
Dr Timothy Bowen MicroRNA
Dr Mario Labeta Innate sensing mechanisms
Dr Anne-Catherine RabyInnate sensing mechanisms
Professor Aled Phillips Clinical nephrology and renal scarring
Dr Robert Steadman Clinical nephrology and renal scarring
Dr Soma MeranClinical nephrology and fibrosis
Professor Philip Taylor Monocytic cell biology
Professor Anwen WilliamsExperimental rheumatology
Dr Gareth JonesCytokine immunology in chronic disease progression
Dr Selinda Orr Innate sensing mechanisms

Research Groups

Cardiff Lipidomics Group

We use mass spectrometry to discover new lipid mediators of innate immunity and inflammation.

Myeloid Cell Biology Group

We are interested primarily in Macrophages, but also dendritic cells and neutrophils. These cells are phagcocytes, specialised blood cells, which ingest other cells (both microbial and self) as well as foreign particles.

Arthritis Research Group

Working together in order to improve our understanding of the mechanisms that contribute to disorders of the joint, with the view of improving the lives of people with arthritis.

Wales Kidney Research Unit

Aiming to deliver an All-Wales strategy for the study of diagnosis, prevention, treatment and social context of kidney disease.