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Making a difference to people's lives with our cutting-edge research and world class clinical trials.

The work we do translates directly from the laboratory into the real world, where it engages and informs different sectors concerned with healthcare including the NHS, industry, government, charities and the public.


Image shows stylised image of a brain cell

Improving opportunities for people with Huntington’s disease through physiotherapy

Our research is empowering people with Huntington’s disease to access exercise and physiotherapy to help manage their symptoms.

A diverse 2 acre environment.

Growing social prescribing for health

Green ‘social prescribing’ works by enabling healthcare professionals to refer people to nature-based activities.

Operating theatre recycling

Smarter recycling to cut hospital waste

The NHS produces up to 600,000 tonnes of waste each year, and around 85% of this waste is categorized as non-hazardous.

A scene from Wales’ Virtual Hospital

Creating a ‘Virtual Hospital’ for Wales

The 19-month collaboration aims to create a multi-disciplinary, and cross speciality, undergraduate and postgraduate online virtual environment that will showcase Wales as an exemplar of medical education.

mental health

Therapeutic coaching for better mental health

EmotionMind Dynamic (EMD) has been developed by founder Hayley Wheeler and combines coaching, teaching, mentoring, counselling, and mindfulness to improve emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.

The Novel Tracheostomy Tube Support Vest​

Evaluating a tracheostomy vest

The vest is designed to improve physiotherapy practices for enabling tracheostomy patients get back on their feet and regain strength after treatment.

The geko™ device

Trialling geko™ device in COVID-19 patients

geko™ provides painless neuromuscular electrostimulation to the lower leg.

3D printed exhalation ports - an example of repurposing equipment to meet new demands.

NHS and engineers join forces to build hub

The two-year project brings together Softgel Solutions Ltd, Innotech Engineering, Cardiff University, and Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board.

Monitoring movement at the facility

Personalised virtual surgery for knee arthritis treatment

TOKA® is a collaborative project between 3D Metal Printing and the Centre of Orthopaedic Biomechanics from the University of Bath.

Ophthalmic imaging data shared with hospital eye consultant using OpenEyes dedicated Electronic Patient Record system.

Transforming eyecare services in Wales

Working to bring High Street optometrists, clinicians and Welsh Government together to reduce the burden on hospitals.

A model of a future rheatre. Credit: Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre (ATiC), UWTSD.

Experts design and build sustainable operating theatres

The pioneering project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of operating theatres, which typically make up 20-30% of a hospital’s carbon footprint.

Tropical rainforest

Using tropical rainforests to treat infection

Exploring how compounds found in seeds from Queensland’s Fountain’s Blushwood Tree can be harnessed to create novel wound-healing therapies.

Indian woman drinking water from tap

Fighting the rise of the superbug

Discovery of a new antibiotic resistant gene by Cardiff University researchers changes global attitude and policy to monitoring and prevention.

Cancer laboratory

Treating locally advanced prostate cancer

Our researchers reveal the best technique for treating locally advanced prostate cancer.

Child abuse

A clinical basis for identifying child abuse

A pioneering research programme for more reliable clinical assessments of child abuse and neglect.

Image of person smoking

Cannabis use and schizophrenia

Is cannabis use linked to schizophrenia?