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We have a broad portfolio of research interests with particular strengths in virology, viral immunology, antimicrobial resistance and diagnosis of fungal infection.

Close links with the NHS and industrial partners facilitate translational research and allow clinical evaluation of novel methodologies and diagnostics.

Theme lead

Professor Richard Stanton

Professor Richard Stanton

Professor of Virology, School of Medicine

+44 (0)29 2251 0232

Area of interest


Principal members of staff

NameArea of interest
Professor Gavin Wilkinson 
Dr Brad (Owen) Spiller  
Dr Mark Toleman Antibiotic resistance in bacteria
Professor Sailesh Kotecha Clinical paediatrics and infection in babies
Professor Edward Wang Cellular immunology
Dr Kristin Ladell Mechanisms of adaptive immunity
Professor David Price Mechanisms of adaptive immunity
Dr Ceri Fielding 

Research Groups