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Research in the School is conducted within four interdisciplinary divisions. Each of these are aligned to the College of Biomedical & Life Sciences research themes.

The research that is carried out spans the spectrum from laboratory investigation to clinical practice, in hospital and community settings.


Cancer and genetics

Research for the benefit of patients affected by cancer and by inherited disease in Wales and beyond, and at all points in the patient pathway.

Infection and Immunity

Infection and immunity

Research that extends from basic mechanisms of infection and immunology to translation directly impacting diagnosis, management and prevention of disease.

population medicine

Population medicine

Our aim is to improve the health of individuals through research, innovation, and teaching focused on patient populations and the health systems affecting their care.

Neurons under a microscope

Psychological medicine and clinical neurosciences

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying major psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Much of our research is conducted in collaboration with fellow academics, the NHS and the medical industry. If you would like to find out more please contact our research support team:

School of Medicine research support