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Our immunology research spans the gamut from basic molecular studies through to clinical trials and new patient treatments.

We are particularly strong in the areas of conventional and unconventional T-cell immunity, cancer immunotherapy, autoimmune disease, homing and trafficking of immune cells and the structure biology of antigen receptors and the ligands they recognise.

Theme lead

Professor Susan Wong

Professor Susan Wong

Clinical Professor

+44 (0)29 2068 7000

Area of interest

T-cell ligands and the receptors that recognise them during infection, autoimmune disease, organ transplant and cancer immunotherapy.

Principal members of staff

NameArea of interest
Professor Jamie RossjohnStructure and biophysics of innate and adaptive immune recognition
Dr Pierre Rizkallah Protein structure biology
Professor Colin DayanAutoimmune disease
Professor Susan Wong Type 1 diabetes
Professor Bernhard Moser Immune cell migration
Professor Andrew Godkin MHC class II and cancer immunotherapy
Professor Awen Gallimore Immune tolerance and cancer immunotherapy
Professor Matthias Eberl Unconventional T-cells
Professor Ann Ager Lymphocyte homing

Research Groups

Cell Migration Group

Our research interests lie in lymphocyte trafficking, specifically in cell adhesion molecules and the regulation of their activity and function. 

Cancer Immunology Group

To identify pathways that limit tumour growth and those that impede effective anti-tumour immunity.

T-cell Modulation Group

Working towards understanding the genetic, biochemical and cellular mechanisms that govern T-cell responses to human disease.