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Blended programmes

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Blended Learning, where technology and traditional methods of delivery are integrated seamlessly together, is a powerful tool for the educator, especially so in Higher Education.

Technology is an integral part of our world today, and an integral part of most learners’ experiences. Technology has the potential to enhance the learning experience, making it more interactive, facilitating inquiry-based learning and providing learners with different ways of viewing a subject or accessing materials.

Blended Learning can include a range of approaches, such as:

  • integration of technology into didactic teaching, to increase engagement or convey information in a powerful or more-meaningful way
  • the use of technology to support questioning or information-searching during class
  • the use of software platforms to facilitate communication, either within the class or outside of it
  • the use of technology to enable students to view a problem from different points of view
  • developing Digital Literacy skills and an appreciation of how technology can be used as a tool to support learning.

Use of Blended Learning is potentially challenging for both students and academic staff, who may be unfamiliar with technologies, both in how to use them and in understanding what you can use them for.

This section of the Learning Hub aims to provide practical examples of how technology can be used to enhance the learning experience, and make it richer, deeper, easier or more effective.

Case Studies

Improving the Learning Central experience

Christopher John

Published 06 Apr 2017 • 10 min read

Improving the Learning Central experience for Welsh language users and providing access to online learning materials without internet access.


Ways of learning | Designing for distance learners | Delivering blended programmes |

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Blended Learning with Languages for All - Student Video Case Study

Shawnee Futers

Published 20 Apr 2017 • 6 mins read

Undergraduate student Shawnee Futers explains how she benefited from the opportunity to study Italian through blended learning with the Languages for All Programme.


Delivering blended programmes

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Cardiff Resources

Using Virtual classrooms to deliver blended and distance learning module

Theresa Federici

Published 19 Apr 2017 • 15 mins read

Theresa Federici describes how she has used virtual classroom software within the Languages for All Programme within the School of Modern Languages as a way to deliver modules to distance learners.


Designing for distance learners | Delivering blended programmes |

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