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Contributor guidance

The Learning Hub is designed by academics for academics and we would encourage you to share anything that supports, enhances or prompts reflection on teaching and learning.

Some example contributions include:

  • a presentation on an aspect of teaching you've delivered at a conference
  • a case study on a new practice you've tried or that you've been doing for years
  • some research into the efficacy of a particular approach
  • a how-to guide on how to get started with a specific practice.

If you're not sure where to start, browse our themes and topics.

Before you submit

If you are a member of staff at Cardiff University, we would love you to contribute to the Learning Hub by  following the contribution process. We encourage contributions in English or Welsh.

We welcome resources in a variety of formats including Word, PowerPoint, PDF and video. You can also share links to resources on other sites if you've found something you find particularly useful.

Submitting a case study

Case studies are a powerful way of reflecting on and sharing your experience of a particular practice or tool with your colleagues.

If you'd like to submit a case study, you can download our case study template:

Case Study Template - English version

Case Study Template - Welsh version

You can also submit a video case study if you'd prefer. We find video case studies are particularly useful for others. If you'd like help with creating a video case study in Panopto, contact us and we'll be in touch to arrange this.

Style guide

For general writing style advice, we recommend The Economist Style Guide. You can also visit the writing guidelines on the intranet.

After you submit

Once your resource is submitted, it will go through a peer-review process prior to being published.

During the contribution process you will have the option to nominate yourself as a moderator, which will give you an opportunity to peer review other contributors’ work, thus creating a Hub ‘community of practice’.

Submission of resources that fall within our Policy for Intellectual Property Rights (Section D, 30.11) will, subject to the approval of the Head of School/Department, be made available on the Hub under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-ND; this is an irrevocable licence to publish the resource in this environment.

Where resources fall outside the our Policy for Intellectual Property Rights (‘external resources’), individuals agree on submission to re-licence these under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND Licence. Before agreeing to these terms, individuals should ensure they are free to enter into this agreement and allow their submission to be re-licensed under the above CC Licence.