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Ways of learning

About this topic

While the lecture is a common methodology for teaching in Higher Education, teaching methods and ways of learning extend beyond the lecture theatre.

Opportunities exist to engage students not only in the subject matter of their degree, but in the application of such knowledge and associated skills to problems in the wider world. This can be achieved through:

  • research opportunities that build upon existing subject knowledge and enhance professional skills;
  • the provision of professional placements or collaborative projects
  • imaginative course design and the embedding of effective  technology-enhanced teaching methods.

This section provides real examples of this philosophy at work. Imaginative use of on-line resources to support students in the way that they find most easy to engage with; active learning in ‘flipped’ classrooms, solving current and relevant problems; international collaborations where our students work and learn alongside students in other countries and other cultures.

Case Studies

Improving the Learning Central experience

Christopher John

Published 06 Apr 2017 • 10 min read

Improving the Learning Central experience for Welsh language users and providing access to online learning materials without internet access.


Ways of learning | Designing for distance learners | Delivering blended programmes |

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Inspiring digital creativity through assessment

Dr Paul Brennan

Published 06 Sep 2017 • 17 min read

Dr Paul Brennan of Cardiff University's School of Medicine presents at the Centre for Education Innovation's 2017 Learning & Teaching Conference on the subject of 'Inspiring digital creativity through assessment'.


Ways of learning | Assessment design | Managing assessments |

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YMLAEN: work placements for self-employment

Rhys Pearce-Palmer and Jannat Ahmed

Published 16 Jan 2020 • 7 mins read

In this video Rhys Pearce-Palmer and Jannat Ahmed talk about YMLAEN - a scheme which places aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers in co-working hubs around the city with a package of financial and expert support.


Ways of learning | Enterprise & Employability |

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More than just quizzes and word-clouds?

Dr Craig Gurney and Jessica Clement

Published 16 Jan 2020 • 9 mins read

In this talk Dr Craig Gurney and Jessica Clement demonstrate the extent and variation in audience response tool usage at Cardiff University and reflect upon some frequently articulated issues in their adoption and use.


Ways of learning | Engaging with student feedback | Providing feedback |

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Transformation to “Experiential Learning”, a case study

Dr Vicki Stevenson

Published 01 Jan 1970 • 7 minutes read

Dr Vicki Stevenson, of Cardiff University's Welsh School of Architecture presents at the 2019 Learning & Teaching Conference, hosted by the CESI, a case study on: Transformation to “Experiential Learning”


Ways of learning | Flipping the classroom | Facilitating group work | Small group teaching | Large group teaching | Delivering lectures |

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Peru: A fascinating insight into developing medicine

Dr Katey Beggan

Published 16 Jan 2020 • 6 mins read

In this case study, medical student Katey Beggan talks about her experiences studying in a Peruvian hospital as part of her elective SSC. She talks about the differences in medical practise and compares her learning and teaching techniques with


Ways of learning | Learning journeys | Supporting Placement Learning |

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Cardiff Resources

National Software Academy

Carl Jones

Published 06 Apr 2017 • 13 min read

A presentation on how the School of Computer Science and Informatics introduced a new type of degree, which is industry led and produces work ready students from day one utilising problem based learning


Ways of learning | Learning journeys |

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Lesson Planning Guidance

Dr Iain Mossman

Published 20 Apr 2017 • 10 mins read

A downloadable visual guide on how to design and plan a lesson.


Ways of learning | Small group teaching | Large group teaching |

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Active Learning: the student perspective

Sophie Timbers and Mo Hanafy

Published 19 Apr 2017 • 5 min read

What is "active learning,' how is it effective and what are the possible drawbacks?


Ways of learning | Engaging with student feedback |

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Case based learning in the School of Medicine

Dr Zarabeth Newton & Dr Marcus Coffey

Published 19 Apr 2017 • 10 mins read

A presentation by Dr Marcus Coffey and Dr Zarabeth Newton on how case based learning was introduced to the C21 MBBCh Medicine course.


Ways of learning | Facilitating group work | Small group teaching |

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Ways of learning

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Ways of learning

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