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Ways of learning

About this topic

While the lecture is a common methodology for teaching in Higher Education, teaching methods and ways of learning extend beyond the lecture theatre.

Opportunities exist to engage students not only in the subject matter of their degree, but in the application of such knowledge and associated skills to problems in the wider world. This can be achieved through:

  • research opportunities that build upon existing subject knowledge and enhance professional skills;
  • the provision of professional placements or collaborative projects
  • imaginative course design and the embedding of effective  technology-enhanced teaching methods.

This section provides real examples of this philosophy at work. Imaginative use of on-line resources to support students in the way that they find most easy to engage with; active learning in ‘flipped’ classrooms, solving current and relevant problems; international collaborations where our students work and learn alongside students in other countries and other cultures.

Case Studies

Pod JOMEC Cymraeg

Sian Lloyd and Andrew Weeks

Published 23 Jul 2021 • 15 mins read

In this presentation from the 2021 Learning & Teaching Conference the Pod JOMEC Cymraeg team discuss their series of podcasts and the process of producing and commissioning, developing digital skills and developing skills for the workplace


Ways of learning | Digital & Information Literacy | Enterprise & Employability | Engaging with student feedback |

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Transformation to “Experiential Learning”, a case study

Dr Vicki Stevenson

Published 26 Jan 2024 • 7 minutes read

Dr Vicki Stevenson, of Cardiff University's Welsh School of Architecture presents at the 2019 Learning & Teaching Conference, hosted by the CESI, a case study on: Transformation to “Experiential Learning”


Ways of learning | Flipping the classroom | Facilitating group work | Small group teaching | Large group teaching | Delivering lectures |

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Reflecting on reflections

Dr Kate Gilliver

Published 21 Jul 2021 • 15 mins read

This presentation from the 2021 Learning & Teaching Conference talks about what reflective writing as an assessment has revealed about the student experience of active learning in a pandemic.


Ways of learning | Designing for distance learners | Engaging with student feedback | Assessment design | Providing feedback | Supporting Placement Learning |

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Working with Welsh language Champions

Elliw Iwan

Published 23 Jul 2021 • 15 mins read

Mae'r cyflwyniad hwn o Gynhadledd Dysgu ac Addysgu 2021 yn esbonio sut y gweithiodd grŵp o Hyrwyddwyr Myfyrwyr gyda Mentimeter i gyfieithu ei ryngwyneb i'r Gymraeg.


Ways of learning | Engaging with student feedback | Facilitating group work |

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Lets keep the lecture alive!

Dr Carolyn Strong, Dr Louise Macniven, Dr Richard Baylis, Rachel Williams and Dr Eleri Rosier

Published 22 Jul 2021 • 7 mins read

This Pecha Kucha presentation from the 2021 Learning & Teaching Conference tells the story of the importance of the lecture to academic role enhancement and fulfilment as well as student engagement, success and competences


Ways of learning | Delivering lectures |

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An A-Z of Learning Technology

Allan Theophanides

Published 22 Jul 2021 • 8 mins read

This extended Pecha Kucha presentation from the 2021 Learning and Teaching Conference introduces 26 Learning Technology and Digital Education tips and tools to help with workload planning, teaching or enhancing the student digital learning experience


Ways of learning | Digital & Information Literacy | Designing for distance learners | Flipping the classroom | Delivering blended programmes |

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Cardiff Resources

National Software Academy

Carl Jones

Published 06 Apr 2017 • 13 min read

A presentation on how the School of Computer Science and Informatics introduced a new type of degree, which is industry led and produces work ready students from day one utilising problem based learning


Ways of learning | Learning journeys |

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Lesson Planning Guidance

Dr Iain Mossman

Published 20 Apr 2017 • 10 mins read

A downloadable visual guide on how to design and plan a lesson.


Ways of learning | Small group teaching | Large group teaching |

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Active Learning: the student perspective

Sophie Timbers and Mo Hanafy

Published 19 Apr 2017 • 5 min read

What is "active learning,' how is it effective and what are the possible drawbacks?


Ways of learning | Engaging with student feedback |

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Learning Partnerships – Co-design workshop

Christopher John

Published 27 Nov 2019 • 30 mins read

This workshop plan, adapted from the 7Cs of Learning Design (University of Leicester, 2019) and based on co-design experience at the School of Social Sciences and the School of Pharmacy, describes the steps in facilitation of a co-design workshop


Ways of learning | Learning journeys |

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Computing for Maths

Cardiff University Enterprise Team

Published 19 Apr 2017 • 10 min read

Educational innovation leads to attributes for employment within the School of Mathematics.


Ways of learning | Learning journeys | Enterprise & Employability |

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Interpreting and expressing learning outcomes in learning design

Christopher John

Published 17 Jan 2020 • 30 mins read

This resource is a tutorial, based on experience at Cardiff University School of Social Sciences, provides a grounding in learning outcome interpretation and expression using the ABC learning design method from University College London.


Ways of learning | Learning journeys |

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