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Delivering lectures

About this topic

An effective and well-delivered lecture can be engaging, can introduce students to new ideas and concepts, and stimulate or encourage active learning.

The delivery of lectures is one of the main means of delivering material in Higher Education, and one of our most common teaching methods.

There are many ways to make a lecture interesting and engaging:

  • the performance of the lecturer
  • the use of activities such as quizzes, discussions, group work or small assignments
  • changing activities during the lecture
  • the use of technology such as audience response systems or video
  • the contributions of students or other stakeholders like patients or local experts to the session.

This topic focuses on ways of delivering lectures that enhance student learning, and engagement: in particular ways which encourage students actively to participate in the lecture, either by talking to the lecturer, working with peers, or engaging with technology or active learning activities.

Case Studies

'The lecture as an event' Video Case Study

Professor Damian Walford Davies

Published 17 Feb 2017 • 9 mins read

Professor Walford Davies describes how he tries to make every lecture 'an event'; moving away from a static event to a kinetic, moving, and practically engaging event


Delivering lectures

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Flipping the Classroom - Video Case Study

Dr Stephen Rutherford

Published 17 Feb 2017 • 5 minutes read

A short case study from Dr Rutherford outlining his experiences of 'flipping the classroom' within his modules.


Flipping the classroom | Delivering lectures |

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Using personal capture for Flipped Learning

Dr Kate Gilliver

Published 09 May 2017 • 10 mins read

A case study from Dr Gilliver and her students on how she flipped her classroom using Panopto's personal capture capabilities.


Flipping the classroom | Large group teaching | Delivering lectures |

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Transformation to “Experiential Learning”, a case study

Dr Vicki Stevenson

Published 01 Jan 1970 • 7 minutes read

Dr Vicki Stevenson, of Cardiff University's Welsh School of Architecture presents at the 2019 Learning & Teaching Conference, hosted by the CESI, a case study on: Transformation to “Experiential Learning”


Ways of learning | Flipping the classroom | Facilitating group work | Small group teaching | Large group teaching | Delivering lectures |

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Modern learning environments and large group teaching in Physiotherapy

Jill Morgan

Published 13 Mar 2019 • 6 minutes read

Video case study from Jill Morgan from the School of Healthcare Sciences describing how she's been able to transform how she delivers large group teaching within the new flexible lecture theatre in the School


Facilitating group work | Small group teaching | Large group teaching | Delivering lectures |

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Successful deployment of lecture capture and e-assessment: case study

Dr Annabel Cartwright

Published 16 Aug 2017 • 18 mins read

Dr Annabel Cartwright of Cardiff University's School of Physics & Astronomy presents at the Centre for Education Innovation's 2017 Learning & Teaching Conference on the subject of 'Successful deployment of lecture capture & e-assessment'


Flipping the classroom | Small group teaching | Large group teaching | Delivering lectures | Managing assessments |

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