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Enterprise and employability

About this topic

As well as developing our students into experts in their fields of study, we equip candidates with relevant and transferable skills which can be used in any employment setting.

This topic centres around two related themes:

  • Employability: shaping individuals with work ready skills that transfer across disciplines.
  • Enterprise: shaping individuals capable of identifying opportunity and novelty.

This includes ensuring students have skills related to communication and interpersonal relations and are able to develop awareness of recognising value in ideas.

This topic offers examples of good practice in higher education, both in terms of case studies of embedded practice but also as standalone educational policy. Furthermore it is anticipated that the subject will also cover aspects of what is expected in terms of employability and enterprise from the point of view of potential employers.

Cardiff Resources

Computing for Maths

Cardiff University Enterprise Team

Published 19 Apr 2017 • 10 min read

Educational innovation leads to attributes for employment within the School of Mathematics.


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Please find a link to the Higher Education Academy's Framework for embedding employability in higher education -

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