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Inclusive Curriculum

About this topic

Our culture encourages international exchanges and collaborations. As a Welsh institution, the University also provides a range of opportunities to learn and study in Welsh.

We aim to provide an excellent learning experience for all students regardless of cultural background, previous educational experience and attainment or individual health requirements.

Diversity brings a dual challenge for teaching staff: how to maximise the benefits such diversity brings to the learning environment and how to meet individual student needs?

Our staff are supported in this work by legislation - such as the Equality Act (2010) and the Welsh Language Act (1993) – and the knowledge and skills of our highly regarded specialised support staff. These colleagues contribute to the development of staff by offering a range of development opportunities such as bespoke sessions for teams as well as centrally organised training sessions.

This topic provides examples of how universal design principles can be applied to learning and teaching in order to support and enhance the experience of the increasingly diverse student population in Higher Education.

Case Studies

Working together towards inclusive healthcare curricula

Maurice O’Brien and Dr. Dave Clarke

Published 20 Apr 2017 • 30 min read

A case study showing how the School of Healthcare Sciences has been working to address the health and social care needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) staff, students and patients.


Inclusive Curriculum

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Fostering a Sense of Community in Postgraduate Distance Learners

Dr Katja Umla-Runge, Sian Edney and Dr Athanasios Hassoulas

Published 16 Jan 2020 • 15 mins read

In this video, Dr Katja Umla-Runge, Sian Edney and Dr Athanasios Hassoulas discuss the initiatives they introduced to their e-learning MSc in Psychiatry to increase social integration and engagement of a highly diverse student body.


Ways of learning | Inclusive Curriculum | Designing for distance learners |

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Straeon o lwyddiant ar gwrs Newyddiaduraeth cyfrwng Cymraeg/Success stories on a Welsh-medium Journalism course

Sian Morgan Lloyd & Llion Carbis

Published 17 Jan 2020 • 14 mins read

Sian Morgan Lloyd discusses the importance of industry partnerships and associated learning opportunities. Llion Carbis worked on the project last year and shares his experience and the opportunities open to students


Ways of learning | Inclusive Curriculum | Enterprise & Employability | Engaging with student feedback | Welsh Medium Provision |

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Yn y cyflwyniad hwn byddwn yn crynhoi newidiadau diweddar i’r ddarpariaeth ar ein graddau BA yn y Gymraeg sydd yn defnyddio dysgu dilys er mwyn cyfuno’r academaidd, yr ymarferol a’r proffesiynol ym mhrofiad y myfyriwr./In this presentation we


Ways of learning | Inclusive Curriculum | Engaging with student feedback | Welsh Medium Provision |

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Cardiff Resources

Structuring Accessible Learning Materials

Dr Nathan Roberts

Published 17 Feb 2017 • 5 mins read

The way you structure and present your learning materials has a significant impact on how accessible they are to your learners, whatever medium or file format you choose. Content that is structured into appropriate sub-sections and organised


Inclusive Curriculum

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Dignity and respect in the classroom

Dr Iain Mossman

Published 19 Apr 2017 • 20 mins read

This article provides strategies for structuring small group work, with a focus on addressing difficult or sensitive topics.


Inclusive Curriculum | Small group teaching | Large group teaching |

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