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Geoamgylcheddau Cynaliadwy

Mae ein grŵp yn cynnal ymchwil cymhwysol i'r rhyngweithio rhwng y geosffer a lles dynol ac amgylcheddol.

We conduct applied research into the interactions between the geosphere and human and environmental well-being. We particularly focus on the development of sustainable, low-carbon and eco-friendly geologically-based technologies.

Examples include:

  • geology and human occupational and environmental diseases - mineral dusts, volcanic ash, coal fly ash, toxic clays
  • finding new uses for old mining works - heat recovery, gas energy
  • the application of geophysical techniques to the mapping and characterisation of contaminated land at redundant industrial sites
  • developing new technologies to map and delineate old mine workings
  • sustainability for disused and closing landfills, utilising water and energy resources
  • mapping, assessing and optimising carbon sequestration in anthropogenic materials (cement, slag, ashes, red mud and lime).


Yangang, X. (Lead PI; Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University) and Jones, T. (Co-PI) and other Co-Applicants Mobile Crowd Sensing Network: Engaging with Communities to Explore Multiple Benefits of Urban Green Infrastructure. Engage/Inspire, Cardiff University. 2016, £5,000

Schuhmacher, M. (Lead PI; Chemical Engineering Department, Center of Environmental Food and Toxicology Technology) and Jones, T. (Co-PI) and other Co-Applicants Assessing the Exposure and the Health Effects of Ambient Fine and Ultrafine Particles in Areas of Intensive Industrial Activity (UltraPAR). Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. 2016, £150,000

Ho, K-F. (Lead PI), Jones, T. (Co-PI) and BéruBé, K. (Co-PI) Characterisation and bioreactivity of PM2.5 near landfill sites and their impact on public health in Hong Kong. HMRF, Hong Kong Government, China (2016). HK$856,928; £68,044

Soberon, F. S. (University of Tarragona, Spain), Schuhmacher, M. (Lead PI), BéruBé, K. (Co-PI and Supervisor) and Jones, T. (Co-Supervisor) Toxicity of Fugitive Dust Particles Produced by Cement Factories. Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competition: PhD Short Exchange Studentship. 2015/16, £5,000

Hu, Y. (Chinese University of Mining and Technology, Beijing, China), Shao, L. (Lead PI), BéruBé, K. (Host Supervisor) and Jones, T. (Co-Supervisor) Study on the Physicochemistry & Toxicology of Indoor PM in Xuanwei Lung Cancer Area. China Scholarship Council, Ministry of Education, PRC; PhD Long Exchange Studentship. 2015/16, £20,000

Cyhoeddiadau dethol

Group Leader

Dr Tim Jones

Dr Tim Jones

Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences

+44 (0)29 2087 4924

Staff academaidd

Dr Tim Jones

Dr Tim Jones

Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences

+44 (0)29 2087 4924
Dr Peter Brabham

Dr Peter Brabham

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)29 2087 4334

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Ashley Patton

Ashley Patton

Research student


Staff cysylltiedig

Dr Morten Andersen

Dr Morten Andersen


+44 (0)29 2087 4943
Dr Claire Earlie

Dr Claire Earlie

Lecturer in Coastal Processes

+44 (0)29 2087 5563

Air pollution and geoenvironmental laboratory

Air pollution

  • bespoke, mobile, high-volume air vacuum pump, 1,100 liters/minute
  • tiered foam impaction head, over 10micron, 10-2.5 micron, 2.5-1.0 micron, under 1 micron particles
  • three Model 3785 Condensation Particle Counters, for ambient air pollution monitoring
  • MicrodustPro handheld dust monitor
  • TSI air pollution monitor
  • nine 10 litres/minute vacuum air pumps
  • bespoke dry dust fine particles separator
  • preparation bench for SEM, XRD and ICP-MS samples.


  • 4” submersible borehole pump with control panel and petrol generator
  • borehole bailers, slugs and downhole loggers
  • heidolph leachate tumbler
  • herdeus sample drying oven
  • double-distilled water maker
  • -80C freezer
  • sonic baths, desk top test tube agitators, weighting scales, heating plates, mini-centrifuge, sample storage facilities
  • preparation benches for sample filtering and gas monitoring
  • field water probes for pH, temp, DO.

Soils laboratory

  • mechanical sieve shakers
  • sieves and sample splitters
  • sedigraph particle size analyser
  • pyknometers
  • vacuum desiccator
  • hydrometers
  • 3 x Drying ovens
  • 1 x Muffle furnace
  • cone penetration test kit
  • 4 x electronic balances
  • 5 x lever arm oedometers and ancillaries
  • direct shear box rigs and ancillaries.

Field store: resistivity and shallow seismic

  • IRIS 72 Channel Electrical tomography system
  • GEM-2 Ground conductivity system with DGPS input
  • ATLAS COPCO vibrocorer with capability to sample to 10m depth through Quaternary and soft sediment.