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Urban Riots: A comparative study of Stockholm and London

Urban societies are experiencing intensified social frictions which manifest themselves in recurrent urban riots.

This project investigates the long-term legacies of urban riots, using London (2011) and Stockholm (2013) as comparative case studies. The research studies riots as phenomena of political import and investigates the under-researched longer-term political effects beyond the event itself.

This includes examining the extent to which affected marginalised neighbourhoods are able to catalyse new forms of participation in the aftermath of the riots.

Research questions

  1. What are the longer-term social and political effects of the riots in Stockholm and London?
  2. How does everyday public life and organisation in marginalised urban areas shape the character, likelihood and perception of riots?
  3. How do different stakeholders and groups understand riots in relation to other forms of politics?
  4. How do different urban contexts differentially shape the ability of communities and groups to catalyze new forms of participation and agency after riots?



  • Ince A (2018) ‘Riots as lenses on urban processes: the case of London 2011’ School of Geography and Planning Blog. Cardiff University.
  • Lindell I, Ince A and Borén T (2019) ‘Oroligheter och upplopp I uttsatta stadsdelar’ [Troubles and riots in vulnerable neighbourhoods] in Forsberg G [ed.] Samhällsplaneringens Teori och Praktik [Theory and Practice in Social Planning]. Stockholm: Liber, pp. 179-187.

In preparation

  • Lindell I, Ince A and Borén T [eds.] (forthcoming 2019) ‘Claiming the city: global perspectives on urban contestation’ special issue of Journal of Urban Affairs.
  • Lindell I, Borén T and Ince A (forthcoming 2019) ‘After riots: exploring the long-term aftermaths of riots in London and Stockholm’ Journal of Urban Affairs.


  • 3 peer-reviewed journal articles
  • 1 research report (for community organisations, practitioners, and policy-makers)
  • 2 report launch events (London and Stockholm)

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Principal investigator

Dr Anthony Ince

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, School Community Co-ordinator


This research was made possible through the support of the following organisations: