Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Athena Swan Bronze Award

Commitment to women in science

7 Hydref 2014

Athena Swan status renewed for commitment to promoting gender equality

hayley gomez

Inspire Wales Award Success

25 Mehefin 2014

Dr Hayley Gomez recognized for her contribution to science and technology.

Inspire Wales

Inspire Wales Awards 2014

20 Mehefin 2014

Cardiff staff shortlisted for inspiring students to reach for the stars.

Universe in a classroom

Cardiff project gives the Universe to school children in a box

23 Mai 2014

Welsh Government backed initiative reaches out to underserved schools to inspire a generation of scientists.

First direct evidence of cosmic inflation

17 Mawrth 2014

Cardiff physicists part of international team.

Cardiff University marks International Women’s Day

3 Mawrth 2014

Events across the city to honour and celebrate the achievements of women.

Future of cancer diagnosis brighter

21 Ionawr 2014

Techniques developed for astronomy benefit medicine.

Scientists inspect astronomical instrument

Royal Astronomical Society recognition for Cardiff stargazers

13 Ionawr 2014

Cardiff led international space project receives outstanding achievement award.

noble gas molecules

Noble gas molecule discovered in space

13 Rhagfyr 2013

Cardiff astronomers in 'world first'.


Inspiring young scientists

25 Tachwedd 2013

Stars and stage to inspire new generation of Welsh scientists