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Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

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Our projects are varied and numerous, but all aim to either reduce poverty, promote health or produce a sustainable environment.

A selection of our current projects

Law and human rights

Working with Cardiff University School of Law and Politics, this project has focused on legal research methodology with a jointly hosted conference between Cardiff University, UNAM and the Law Reform and Development Commission of Namibia.


Mathematics has been a Phoenix Project from the start and has focussed on learning and teaching activities to support the UNAM mathematics department to address the high failure rate in first year mathematics modules. Cardiff University School of Mathematics has been working closely with UNAM and supporting them by providing resources, hosting academics and jointly running a Summer School, to reinforce essential mathematical concepts and to increase student confidence to engage with the subject.


Following a scoping visit to understand the statistical needs to UNAM across the university, Cardiff University developed a tailored training programme in a statistical software package called “R”. R was ideally suited to UNAM, being innovative, free and with lots of online support available.

Computer science

Cardiff University’s School of Computer Science & Informatics has been supporting UNAM in several areas such as programming and methodology of teaching, sharing experiences and joint projects across institutions.

Nurse training

Namibia needs more specialist nurses. Cardiff University has been working with UNAM and Ministry of Health and Social Services, Government of Namibia, to increase specialist skill levels. Training has focussed on pre-operative patient assessment, peri-operative patient monitoring and recovery of patients after surgery (including the patient requiring higher care).

Infectious diseases

Much of this crucial work has involved training in clinical bedside techniques and assisting in student examinations.

Public health

There has been a lot of ongoing activity in public health including sharing resources, exchange visits and curriculum development.


The Midwifery project has brought together midwifery lecturers and clinical midwives, both in Windhoek and rural Oshakati, for workshops to “train the trainers” using simulation education. Emergency midwifery skills have been the focus so that these midwives can train students and update qualified staff in the clinical areas in  life-saving midwifery skills. Student exchange and virtual “buddying” has also been established, along with curriculum review and development.


The eLearning strand of the Phoenix Project is a collaboration that is building joint capacity and empowering staff and students in the effective use of technology for learning, to provide an innovative learning landscape for students. Learning technologists from Cardiff University are collaborating with The Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL) to embed good practice and effectively support learning and teaching.


An UNAM and Cardiff University library partnership for cross-institutional collaborative learning and staff development. A specific goal is to support UNAM academic and research programmes through providing quality information services and access to local and global scientific knowledge; thereby enabling UNAM to make a meaningful contribution towards Namibian national development plans.


UniCamp is a two-week outreach programme for pupils aged 14-18 in Keetmanshoop that aims to promote healthy lives and reduce poverty. The programme of activities, supported by students from UNAM and Cardiff, is specifically designed to help raise aspirations and develop self-esteem, whilst also contributing to improved road safety in Namibia.


Phoenix’s EARTH collaboration initiative aims to develop projects on mineral resource exploration, mining and processing in Namibia. Other research aspects include geomorphology, geophysics and structural geology, and potential applications in fields such as groundwater exploration and seismic hazards.  A four-day workshop allowed researchers and industry to come together and talk about future plans.

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