Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Social Psychology

Nid oes modd cadw lle ar y cwrs hwn ar hyn o bryd

Nid oes dyddiadau ar gael ar gyfer y cwrs hwn ar hyn o bryd. Byddwch y cyntaf i gael gwybod pan gyhoeddir dyddiadau newydd trwy ymuno â’r rhestr bostio..

Social Psychology attempts to describe and explain the impetus behind our social interactions. This course provides an opportunity to explore the principles of social psychology and to give a reference point to understand behaviours we are familiar with.

Who is this course for?

Anyone with an interest in society and a willingness to read, discuss and think. This course forms part of the Foundation Certificate in Social Studies and can help you to progress onto degree courses.

Dysgu ac addysgug

There will be lectures, classroom debates, group workshops, seminar presentations and video material. The emphasis will be on active learning to help you develop an understanding of the subject matter and its relevance to the real world.

Gwaith cwrs ac asesu

To award credits we need to have evidence of the knowledge and skills you have gained or improved. Some of this has to be in a form that can be shown to external examiners so that we can be absolutely sure that standards are met across all courses and subjects. You will not have formal examinations but you may have class tests. You may be asked to write assignments, keep a course journal or put together a portfolio. Our assessments are flexible to suit the course and the student. The most important element of assessment is that it should enhance your learning. Our methods are designed to increase your confidence and we try very hard to devise ways of assessing you that are enjoyable and suitable for adults with busy lives.

Deunydd darllen awgrymedig

There is not a course book for this course. Your tutor will suggest a variety of books that you can borrow from the library. You may want to buy books but these can be second hand and you may want to share with other students. The book list that follows is a list of suggestions which may help to give you some ideas, if you want to do some reading before the course begins, but feel free to read around the subject and follow your own interests. Mcllveen R. & Gross R. (1998) Social Psychology, London: Hodder & Stoughton Aronson E., Wilson T.D. & Akert R.M. (1997) (2nd ed.) Social Psychology, Harlow: Longman ATKINSON R. ATKINSON, R. SMITH. R.E. AND BERN D.J. (11th ED 1994 or later) Introduction to Psychology. London:Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Beck, A. T., M.D, (1989) Love Is Never Enough: How Couples Can Overcome Misunderstandings, Resolve Conflicts, and Solve Relationship Problems Through Cognitive Therapy. New York: Harper Perennial GLIETMAN H. (2002) Psychology 5th ed. New York: WW Norton Wright R. (1994) The Moral Animal. London: Abacus HAYES N.(1993) Principles of Social Psychology, Hove: Lawrence Erlhbaum Associates.

Other Learning Resources

Cyfleusterau llyfrgell a chyfrifiadura

Fel myfyriwr ar y cwrs hwn, mae gennych hawl i ymuno â llyfrgell a chyfleusterau cyfrifiadurol y Brifysgol a’u defnyddio. Rhagor o wybodaeth am ddefnyddio’r cyfleusterau hyn.


Ein nod yw sicrhau mynediad i bawb. Rydym yn anelu at roi cyngor cyfrinachol a gwasanaeth cefnogol i unrhyw fyfyriwr sydd â chyflwr meddygol hir dymor, anabledd neu anhawster dysgu penodol. Gallwn gynnig cyngor un i un am anabledd a threfnu ymweliadau cyn cofrestru, cysylltu gyda thiwtoriaid a darlithwyr, trefnu deunydd mewn fformatau eraill, rheoli trefniadau cyrsiau hygyrch a threfniadau asesiadau, benthyg offer a sgrinio ar gyfer dyslecsia.


21-23 Ffordd Senghennydd
CF24 4AG