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Cardiff dream team to take University Challenge

20 Rhagfyr 2012

Cardiff dream team to take University Challenge

A select team of distinguished Cardiff University alumni will battle for intellectual superiority in a pre-recorded University Challenge Christmas special.

Bravely facing four of Liverpool University's most learned alumni will be Professor Richard Sambrook (lecturer of Journalism at Cardiff), BBC breakfast host Bill Turnbull (Journalism graduate), Professor at the Royal Academy of Music Phil Cashian (Music graduate), and Green Party MEP Jean Lambert (Modern Languages graduate).

The episode will form part of a new series which will be extended to include competitors made up of honorary graduates, fellows, notable staff (including Vice-Chancellors), as well as graduates and post-graduates.

Richard Sambrook, Professor of Journalism at Cardiff University's School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, said:

"Once you've been invited you either have to say you were too scared to do it or be prepared to look like an idiot. Fortunately I think we emerged with dignity intact!"

Philip Cashian, composer and Head of Composition at the Royal Academy of Music since 2007, said: "I agreed to go on University Challenge under heavy pressure from my teenage son. I quickly realised it's a test of memory as much as knowledge which made it all the more frightening. The actual filming was enjoyable though and I don't think I made a complete fool of myself!

University Challenge is hosted by Jeremy Paxman. The episode featuring Cardiff can be viewed this Thursday, 7:30pm on BBC2.