Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Gyrfaoedd a chyflogadwyedd

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

We are fully committed to prepare you for your career beyond graduation.

We have an excellent reputation for the successful placement of our graduates in careers across multiple sectors: in 2016/17, 96% of our graduates were in employment or further studies six months after graduation (DLHE).

In fact, our graduates have an excellent track record of finding a good quality first job.

Survey yearPercentage of graduates in employment or further studies within six months

With our undergraduate programmes, you will have the opportunity to develop academic, professional and digital literacies that are invaluable in the workplace. You will:

  • undertake group projects and presentations
  • gain an understanding of policy and the law
  • be creative in planning for research assignments
  • attend away days and career days that allow opportunities for personal development.

On a practical level, you will produce portfolios, practice journalistic writing skills across a number of platforms, pitch ideas for new editorial products and businesses, and use a variety of software to produce graphic outputs, blogs, and social media campaigns.

Over the course of your study you will have the chance to meet industry experts and high profile guest speakers, and will be taught by an interdisciplinary team of world-renowned scholars in the field of journalism, media and communications. You will also have the chance to access the University’s student support services that include careers and employability advice and information, workshops, events, work experience placements and more.

Lydia Anne de Blangy

"Mae fy mhrofiad ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd wedi newid fy mywyd mewn cymaint o ffyrdd. Rydw i wedi mwynhau mas draw, ond yn bwysicach fyth, rydw i wedi tyfu'n weithiwr proffesiynol ifanc."

Lydia Anne de Blangy (BA Newyddiaduraeth, y Cyfryngau ac Astudiaethau Diwylliannol 2017)