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Chemistry Captured

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Chemistry Captures is a valuable e-learning resource of high-quality videos of chemical reactions that would otherwise be difficult to demonstrate in schools.

Here are a series of video clips produced by our Professor Peter Edwards and Mr Peter Hollamby in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme.

The video clips were published on two DVDs, which were made available to all schools in the UK.

Preparation of Oxygen and Chlorine

Video produced by Peter Hollamby and Peter Edwards

See preparation of chlorine

Physical states of the Halogens

Video produced by Peter Hollamby and Peter Edwards

See also, the physical states of Bromine and Iodine

Reactions with the Halogens

Reactions of the Halogens with the Elements of Period III of the Periodic Table.

See more on our YouTube channel

Reactions with Oxygen

Reactions of Oxygen (and air) with the Elements of Period III of the Periodic Table and some other Group I Metals.

Further reactions

Hydrolysis of the Chlorides of Period III Elements

Action of water on the chlorides of elements of Period III of the Periodic Table.

Further reactions

Thermal Decomposition

Thermal decomposition of Ammonium Dichromate VI

See more Thermal Decomposition reactions

Endothermic Reaction

An endothermic reaction: Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Thiocyanate

See also, Cobalt Chloride and Thionyl Chloride on our YouTube channel

Catalytic Oxidation of Ammonia

This reaction illustrates the formation of nitric oxide from ammonia gas using a platinum catalyst.

See also, the catalytic oxidation of hydrogen on our YouTube channel.


Reaction between hydrogen and chlorine.

See the reaction between chlorine and methane on our YouTube channel

Effect of temperature on equilibrium

Effect of temperature on the equilibrium between dinitrogen tetroxide and nitrogen dioxide

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Rusting Steel Wool

This Time-lapse video recording illustrates how quickly rust can form and how a simple piece of apparatus can be used to determine the percentage of oxygen in the air.

Reaction between methane and chlorine

A REDOX reaction between methane and chlorine gases, producing carbon 'soot' and hydrogen chloride vapour.

The Barking Dog

This famous exothermic reaction takes place when a mixture of carbon disulfide with nitrous oxide or alternatively with nitric oxide is ignited. The sound of the explosion in the tube is similar to that of a barking dog.

Displacement of Silver

This displacement reaction has been recorded by time-lapse photography. The sequence that follows was filmed over a 30 minute period.

Formation of ammonium chloride

In this video cotton wool is soaked with a little concentrated ammonia solution. A second wad is similarly treated with concentrated hydrochloric acid solution.

Formation of Plastic Sulfur

Plastic sulfur is not a true Allotrope of sulfur but this unusual form of the element can be made quite easily by melting it and then cooling the liquid rapidly by pouring it into cold water.

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Electrode Potentials Introduction

The hydrogen electrode and the measurement of some electrode potentials.

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