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Brickfab Ltd

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Ffatri Brick Fabrication
Ffatri Brick Fabrication

Developing a product development capability to deliver sustainable and diversified future growth through new and reconfigured products.

CAMSAC investigators are part of a Cardiff Business School academic team working with Brick Fab, an innovative SME based in Pontypool, on a project aimed at supporting continuous innovation and delivering a new and reconfigured product range which will lay the foundation for diversified and sustainable growth.

Brick Fabrication Ltd partnered with Cardiff Business School faculty members:

Project aims

The aim of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is to develop the capabilities and integrated business systems to support new product development and future growth.

Brick Fabrication Ltd is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated building products such as chimneys and brick arches, for the UK House Building industry. The company is also specialised in ‘cut and bond’ brick specials, supplying the house building and construction industries, as well as self builders and the building trade.

The project is driven by a full-time KTP Associate, Michael O’Neill. Michael has a first class honours in Sport Management (BSc) and an MSc in Management and International Business from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Project outputs and results

The KTP led to the creation of the following:

  • marketing resources (i.e. a new customer database, CRM system, website, product literature)
  • operational resources (i.e. revised product hierarchy, operations system maps)
  • organizational resources (i.e. an Innovation team, a codified internal innovation process)

The above has transformed the firm at all levels (from the board of directors to the shop floor), resulting in a company that 1) is more market oriented and outward facing; 2) puts process and product innovation at the centre of its culture, systems, and behaviours; 3) is more confident towards innovation thanks to an internally shared methodology to develop new products, processes, ideas for new and existing markets.

Further information

Further information on this project can be obtained by contacting Dr Jon Gosling, Professor Luigi M. De Luca or Dr Kate Daunt.

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The project is funded by by Innovate UK.