Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Economics seminars and workshops

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

We run a regular programme of seminars for staff, students and the wider public.

The session-specific times and rooms are stated within the table, but typically our Wednesday seminars are from 16:00 to 17:30 and Friday workshops from 13:00 to 14:30. Both are held in 2.01 in the Postgraduate Teaching Centre (PTC).

Please note that any late changes or cancellations are announced by email to those on our distribution list. For further information, please contact Dr Sergey V. Popov.

Upcoming events

01/05/202013:00Tommaso Reggiani, Cardiff Business School - Online seminar, for more information please contact Dr Sergey V. PopovBroadband Internet and Social Capital

Past events

02/10/201916:00Maria Kozlovskaya, Aston UniversityCharacterising Mixed Equilibria in a Market Game
04/10/201913:00Huw Dixon, Cardiff Business SchoolState-Dependent or Time-Dependent Pricing? New Evidence from a Monthly Firm-Level Survey: 1980–2017
09/10/201916:00Svetlana Makarova, University College LondonCountry-specific uncertainty indices and machine learning. The case of Russia
11/10/201913:00Dmitry Vorobyev, Ural Federal UniversityInformation Disclosure in Elections with Sequential Costly Participation
16/10/201916:00Otto Toivanen, Aalto UniversityDeath and Turmoil in R&D Teams
18/10/201913:00Ayush Pant, University of WarwickFeedback on Ideas
23/10/201916:00Brian Varian, Swansea UniversityThe economics of Edwardian imperial preference: what can New Zealand reveal?
25/10/201913:00Anna Kochanova, Cardiff Business SchoolDoes Dictatorship Restrain Competition? Indonesian Manufacturing Pre- and Post-Suharto
30/10/201916:00Tatiana Komarova, London School of EconomicsStructuring subcontracting in highway procurement projects
01/11/201913:00Patrick Minford, Cardiff Business SchoolClassical or Gravity? Which CGE model explains trade data best?
(PTC 1.27)
Dr Stylianos Michalopoulos, Brown UniversityIntergenerational Mobility in Africa
06/11/201916:00Alex Rigos, Lund UniversityExpertise Disclosure in Markets for Credence Goods
13/11/201916:00Fabio Canova, European University InstituteMind the gap! Stylized dynamic facts and structural models
15/11/201913:00Vassilis Logothetis, Cardiff Business SchoolResponsibility, blame and valence. Aspects of economic voting in Greece between 2015 and 2019 legislative elections
20/11/201916:00Alessandra Luati, University of BolognaSemiparametric Modeling of Multiple Quantiles
22/11/201913:00Dylan Henderson and Calvin Jones, Cardiff Business SchoolThe regional implications of industry 4.0 dissemination – a vulnerability index approach
27/11/201916:00Sanjit Dhami, University of LeicesterPsychological and Social Motivations in Microfinance Contracts: Theory and Evidence
04/12/201916:00Constantine Sorokin, University of GlasgowA New Approach to Contests with Complete and Incomplete Information
06/12/201913:00Sheida Teimouri, University of Wisconsin at La CrosseCoping with Deindustrialization: A Panel Study for Early OECD Countries
11/12/201916:00Jorg Franke, University of BathRepeated Contests with Draws
05/02/202016:00Alessia Paccagnini, University College DublinThe Asymmetric Effects of Uncertainty Shocks
07/02/202013:00Arman Eshraghi, Cardiff Business SchoolTracing the Role of Culture in Finance and Economics
12/02/202016:00Ivan Petrella, Warwick Business SchoolStructural Scenario Analysis with SVARs
14/02/202013:00Sotirios Kampanelis, Cardiff Business SchoolAncient Colonialism and the Economic Geography of the Mediterranean
19/02/202016:00Martin Weale, King's College LondonTA democratic measure of national income for the United Kingdom, 2006-2015: methods and estimates
21/02/202013:00Brit Grosskopf, ExeterMore Meat for Boys: Evidence and Perceptions of Discrimination in Restaurants
04/03/202016:00Stefan Napel, University of BayreuthInfluence in Weighted Committees
06/03/202013:00Serena Trucchi, Cardiff Business SchoolPermanent versus Transitory Income Shocks over the Business Cycle
11/03/202016:00José Luis Torres Chacón, University of Malaga - CancelledBanks, Securitization and the Macroeconomy
13/03/202013:00Tommaso Reggiani, Cardiff Business School - CancelledBroadband Internet and Social Capital
18/03/202016:00Hâle Utar, Grinnell College - CancelledNot applicable
20/03/202013:00Laima Spokeviciute, Cardiff Business School - CancelledNot applicable
25/03/202016:00Kalina Manova, UCL - CancelledNot applicable
27/03/202013:00Piotr Denderski, Leicester - CancelledNot applicable
22/04/202016:00Radoslaw Stefanski, University of St Andrews - Online seminarPatience Breeds Interest: The Rise of Societal Patience and the Fall of the Risk-free Interest Rate
24/04/202013:00Ali Sina Onder, University of Portsmouth - Online seminarSpecialization, Distance, and Quality in Economists’ Collaborations: How Diverse is Research Really?