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Economics seminars and workshops

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

We run a regular programme of seminars for staff, students and the wider public.

Our seminars (mostly external speakers) usually take place on Wednesdays between 15:30 and 17:00. In addition, there are also workshops (mostly internal speakers), which take place on Fridays between 13:00 and 14:30.

The seminars and workshops can be either face-to-face, online or a mix of the two. If face-to-face, the venue will be in the Aberconway Building (Column Drive, CF10 3EU). Rooms can be different from time to time, so please check the details below.

Please contact the economic seminar organiser, Dr Peng Zhou, if you are interested in attending these events or require additional information.

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Dr Peng Zhou

Darllenydd mewn Economeg

+44 29206 88778

Upcoming events

08/05/202415:30-17:00PTC2.01Andreas Tryphonides, University of Cyprus, CyprusSeminar: Heterogeneity and the Dynamic Effects of Aggregate Shocks

Past events

03/05/202413:00-14:30Luca Fumarco, Masaryk University, CzechiaSeminar: (un)Effectiveness of the Temporary Protection EU Act – A Study with Ukrainian Refugees Job Applicants
01/05/202415:30-17:00David Miles, Imperial College, LondonSeminar: More working from home - aggregate and distributional impacts of shifts in residential location
19/04/202413:00-14:30Yang Sun, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Assessing the Institutions-Innovation Channel within the Inequality-Growth Nexus
20/03/202415:30-17:00Roberto Serrano, Brown University, USSeminar: A Rationalization of the Weak Axiom of Revealed Preference
15/03/202413:00-14:30Jason Sockin, Cornell University, USSeminar: Show Me the Amenity: Are Higher-Paying Firms Better All Around?
13/03/202415:30-17:00Tatiana Damjanovic, Durham University, UKSeminar: Monetary Policy and Welfare with Heterogeneous Firms and Endogenous Entry
08/03/202413:00-14:30Anna Kochanova, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Mobile Technologies and Firm Formalization: Evidence from Uganda
23/02/202413:00-14:30Wojteck Paczos, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Imperfect financial markets and the cyclicality of social spending
07/02/202415:30-17:00Mathias Klein, Sveriges Riksbank, SwedenSeminar: Not all supply curves slope up
02/02/202413:00-14:30Helmuts Azacis, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Resource misallocation in the presence of R&D spillovers
01/12/202313:00-14:30Huw Dixon, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Inflation persistence in the UK 1993-2019: from months to years
22/11/202315:30-17:00Anthony Savagar, University of Kent, UKSeminar: Returns to Scale and Aggregate Productivity
17/11/202313:00-14:30Engin Kara, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Uncertainty-Driven Shifts in the Fiscal Multiplier
15/11/202315:30-17:00Ellen Greaves, European University Institute, ItalySeminar: How do schools shape neighbourhoods? Endogenous residential location in response to local school quality
01/11/202315:30-17:00Satoshi Fukuda, Bocconi University, ItalySeminar: Shaping Institutions
27/10/202313:00-14:30Oscar Pavlov, University of Tasmania, AustraliaWorkshop: Superstar Firms: Equilibrium Instability and Cyclical Inequality
26/10/202310:00-12:00Welsh Institute for Research in Economics and Development (WIRED), Cardiff University, UKWIRED Workshop: Adopting and Adapting the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) Approach in Economic and Finance Research
25/10/202315:30-17:00Marios Zachariadis, University of Cyprus, CyprusSeminar: Fiscal policy and economic activity: New Causal Evidence
20/10/202313:00-14:30Jackie Qiaoxi Zhang, Xiamen University, ChinaWorkshop: Dynamic Vaccination
18/10/202315:30-17:00Ioannis Laliotis, University of Peloponnese, Greece Seminar: Work Pay and Employee Retention: Evidence from the 2016 Change in the English NHS Trainee Doctors' Contract
13/10/202313:00-14:30Eren Arbatlı, University of Durham, UKSeminar: Geography, Agricultural Suitability and Diversity in Cultural Values
11/10/202315:30-17:00Hisayuki Yoshimoto, University of Glasgow, UKSeminar: Multitasking, complementarities, and information
disclosure: Theory and evidence from the U.K.
06/10/202313:00-14:30Adrian Pagan, University of Sydney, AustraliaSeminar: Recovering stars in macroeconomics
04/10/202315:30-17:00Roberto Ganau, University of Padova, ItalySeminar: Enlightenment and the long-term persistence of the Habsburg administrative tradition
21/06/202315:30-17:00Kian Howe Ong, University of Nottingham (Ningbo)Seminar: Adjusting toward Long-run Purchasing Power Parity
10/05/202315:30-17:00Melanie Meng Xue, LSE, UKSeminar: Women and Asylums
05/05/202313:00-14:30Dominique Demougin, RPTU, GermanySeminar: Relative Income Concerns and the Easterlin Paradox: A Theoretical Framework
03/05/202315:30-17:00Emanuele Bracco, University of Verona, ItalySeminar: The Effects of Social Capital on Government Performance and Turnover: Theory and Evidence from Italian Municipalities
28/04/202313:00-14:30Sergei Izmalkov, New Economic School, RussiaSeminar: Lottery Makers
21/04/202316:10-17:30Ariel Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University, Israel and New York University, USSeminar: Economics with no prices and no games
19/04/202315:30-17:00Anna Grosman, Loughborough University London, UKSeminar: Dissecting Organisational Stigma: The case of Lehman “Orphans”
22/03/202315:30-17:00José L. Torres, Universidad de Málaga Campus El Ejido, SpainSeminar: Banks, Securitisation, and the Macroeconomy
17/03/202313:00-14:30Stephen Wright, Birkbeck University of London, UKWorkshop: What is the Point of Defined Benefit Pension Schemes?
15/03/202315:30-17:00Artashes Karapetyan, ESSEC Business School, FranceSeminar: Inefficient Regulation: Mortgages vs. Total Credit
10/03/202313:00-14:30Evangelos V. Dioikitopoulos, Athens University of Economics and Business, GreeceSeminar: Aspirations, the Transition towards Sustained Growth and Comparative Economic Development
08/03/202315:30-17:00Mikhail Poyker, University of Nottingham, UKSeminar: Personal Jesus: Economic Effects of Evangelical Christianity
22/02/202315:30-17:00Pei Kuang, Birmingham University, UKSeminar: Great or Grim? Disagreement about Brexit, Economic Expectations and Spending
15/02/202315:30-17:00Emiliya Lazarova, University of East AngliaSeminar: Political colour and firm behaviour
10/02/202313:00-14:30Saish Nevrekar, University of Zurich, SwitzerlandSeminar: Efficiency effects on coalition formation in contests
08/02/202315:30-17:00Alessandro Bucciol, University of Verona, ItalySeminar: Municipal Waste Policies and Spillover Effects
01/02/202315:30-17:00Piers Thompson, Nottingham Trent University, UKSeminar: Entrepreneurs in Deprived Areas: Does Context Select Particular Personality Types?
07/12/202215:30-17:00Francoise Forges, Université Paris-Dauphine, FranceSeminar: Forward neologism-proof equilibrium in cheap talk games
02/12/202213:00-14:30Andrea Ichino, European University Institute, ItalySeminar: College education, intelligence, and disadvantage: Policy lessons from the UK in 1960-2004
23/11/202215:30-17:00Catia Nicodemo, University of Oxford, UKSeminar: “If my buddies use drugs, will I?” Peer effects on Substance Consumption Among Teenagers
18/11/202213:00-14:30Peng Zhou, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Specialisation precedes diversification: R&D productivity effects
16/11/202215:30-17:00Hossein Radmard, University of Aberdeen, UKSeminar: Religiosity and Educational Decision: Case of graduating with STEM degree
02/11/202215:30-17:00Sasha Talavera, Birmingham University, UKSeminar: Communicating with voice emotions
28/10/202213:00-14:30Huw Dixon, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Price changes and large shocks: price setting in Greece during the crisis
26/10/202215:30-17:00Raffaele Rossi, The University of Manchester, UKSeminar: Taxing consumption in unequal economies
21/10/202213:00-14:30Sergey Popov, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: Tactical Refereeing and Signaling by Publishing
14/10/202213:00-14:30Calvin Jones, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: The Triumph of the Placeless
12/10/202215:30-17:00Dmitriy Kvasov, Waseda University, JapanSeminar: Reexamination of the equivalence of strategies in finite games
07/10/202213:00-14:30Woon Wong, Cardiff Business SchoolWorkshop: What rate should we use for discounting pension liabilities?
05/10/202215:30-17:00Chaowei Wang, University of Keele, UKSeminar: Winter is coming: Inverted yield curve as a signal of recession
01/04/202210:30Jiti Gao, Professor of Econometrics, Monash University, Australia - Online seminarNonlinear Econometrics: A Personal Journey
25/03/202213:00John Morrow, King’s College - Online seminarThe Comparative Advantage of Firms
23/03/202212:00Kian Ong, Nottingham University Business School, Ningbo, China - Online seminarGrowth through Heterogeneous Convergence in Chinese Provinces
18/03/202213:00Dr Ian Burn, Senior Lecturer, University of LiverpoolStereotyped Language in Job Ads and Decisions by Older Workers to Apply for a Job: A Field Experiment
16/03/202216:00Professor Joao Cocco, Professor of Finance, London Business School - Online seminarWhen Discounted Rates End: The Cost of Taking Action in the Mortgage Market
09/03/202216:00Peter Dolton, University of Sussex - Online seminarIs Football a Matter of Life and Death – Or is it more Important than that?
25/02/202213:00Dr Helmuts Azacis, Reader in Economics, Cardiff Business School - Online seminarFighting Collusion: An Implementation Theory Approach
16/02/202216:00Maitreesh Ghatak, London School of Economics - Online seminarThe Role of Finance in the Process of Development: Improving Access versus Reducing Frictions
02/02/202214:00Maciek Lis, OECD - Online seminarRecent pension reforms and automatic adjustment mechanisms in pensions
15/12/202114:00Francesco Moscone, Brunel University London - Online seminarThe association between hospital cooperation and the quality of healthcare
10/12/202113:00Kohei Takeda, London School of Economics - Online seminarThe Geography of Structural Transformation: Effects on Inequality and Mobility
08/12/202116:00Inci Gumus, Sabanci University - Online seminarHouse Prices, Collateral Effects and Sectoral Output Dynamics in Emerging Market Economies
03/12/202113:00Woon Wong, Cardiff University - Online seminarCost of guarantee and prudence for defined benefit pensions
01/12/202116:00Luca Corazzini, Ca Foscari University of Venice - Online seminarNarratives on COVID-19 and Policy Opinions: A Survey Experiment
26/11/202113:00Yiliang Li, University of Oxford - Online seminarThe Congestion Effect of Oil Transportation and Its Trade Implications
24/11/202116:00Egor Malkov, University of Minnesota - Online seminarOptimal Income Taxation of Singles and Couples
19/11/202113:00Grant Fitzner, Chief Economist, Director, Macroeconomic Statistics and Analysis Economic Statistics Group, ONS - Online seminarA tale of two recessions: the global financial crisis and pandemic recession compared
17/11/202116:00Dr Ioana Chioveanu, Associate Professor of Industrial Economics, Department of Industrial Economics, Nottingham University Business School - Online seminarGranular Price Discrimination on an Online Platform
05/11/202113:00Emily Hopson, Head of the Business Insights and Conditions Survey, ONS - Online seminarThe Office for National Statistics’ Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS)
29/10/202110:00Zhenlin Yang, Professor of Economics and Statistics, Singapore Management University - Online seminarSpatial Dynamic Panel Data Models with Interactive Fixed Effects: M-Estimation and Inference with Small T
27/10/202116:00Arnab Bhattacharjee, NIESR Fellow, Professor and Head of Economics, Heriot-Watt University - Online seminarSpatio-Temporal Patterns in Portuguese Regional Fertility Rates: A Bayesian Approach for Spatial Clustering of Curves
22/10/202113:00Josh Martin, Head of Productivity, Assistant Deputy Director Productivity, Research Partnerships and Professional Development, ONS - Online seminarMeasuring productivity: challenges and opportunities
15/10/202113:00Woon Wong, Reader in Financial Economics, Cardiff University - Online seminarCan we afford a defined benefit pension in a low interest rate environment?
21/04/202116:00Hale Utar, Grinnell College - Online seminarGlobalisation, Gender, and the Family
12/03/202113:00Aldo Elizalde, Adam Smith Business School (Glasgow) - Online seminarPublic good or public bad? Indigenous institutions, nation-building, and the demand for road infrastructure in Mexico
10/03/202116:00Vasily Korovkin, CERGE-EI - Online seminarProduction Networks and War
03/02/202116:00Pipat Wongsa-art, Cardiff University - Online seminarFunctional Time Series Approach to Analysing Returns Co-movements
17/02/202116:00Melanie Luhrmann, Royal Holloway University of London - Online seminarLong-run Health and Mortality Effects of Exposure to Universal Health Care in Infancy
04/12/202013:00Maren Froemel, Bank Of England - Online seminar Monetary policy, corporate finance, and investment
25/11/202016:00Yuliya Kulikova, Bank of Spain - Online seminarFamily-Friendly Policies and Fertility: What Firms Got to Do With It?
18/11/202016:00Johannes Stroebel, New York University - Online seminarFive Facts about Beliefs and Portfolios
06/11/202013:00Benjamin Elsner, University College Dublin - Online seminarAchievement Rank Affects Performance and Major Choices in College
04/11/202016:00Woon Wong, Cardiff Business School - Online seminarUSS 2020 valuation: low interest rate, yield on productive assets and risk
30/10/202013:00Sofia Amaral Garcia, Université Libre de Bruxelles - Online seminarMedical Device Companies and Doctors: Do their interactions affect medical treatments?
23/10/202012:00Silvia Griselda, Melbourne University - Online seminarCan the Format of Questions Explain the Gender Gap in Mathematics?
16/10/202013:00Maroš Servátka, Macquarie University - Online seminarProcrastination in Charitable Giving