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Health Law and Ethics lesson resources

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Health law and ethics are the focus for key debates about values, policy and governance in contemporary society. Fundamental issues of life and well-being, personal choice and social justice, individual and collective goods, are at stake as law is made and cases decided.

This set of lively, accessible and high-quality teaching materials on law and ethics has been developed for secondary school teachers and their students. It has been designed and co-produced by Cardiff health law researchers, teaching professionals, theatre practitioners, and expert educationalists and is supported by the Economic and Social Research Council and Cardiff University.

These materials introduce students to substantive legal and ethical dilemmas in relation to health promotion, and approaches to resolving them. It does so by treating law not as a body of knowledge to be passively acquired, but as a dynamic practice of reasoning, argument and debate. The resources will help teachers to stimulate informed and respectful debate, and teach key skills in reading, writing, negotiation, and teamwork, as well as critical reflection on the interaction between health and society. This programme of work will also help teachers to deliver key objectives in the new Curriculum for Wales and can be tailored and adapted to suit their particular learning environment. It includes materials to upskill and help teachers to develop knowledge in legal methods and concepts.

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This activity is organised by School of Law and Politics. Contact Barbara Hughes-Moore at for more details.

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