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Philosophy Café

Philosophy Café
Philosophy Café

Providing a safe space to discuss values and beliefs.

The idea

There are so many languages, religions and beliefs in Grangetown, but there are few opportunities to learn about the many different perspectives in the local area.

A Philosophy Café has provided a safe, neutral space for different communities to share information about their beliefs in relation to themes decided by local residents.


Organised by Philosophy lecturer, Dr Huw Williams, and local residents, Moseem Suleman and Chris Young, meetings have been held with local residents from different communities across Grangetown discussing topics such as:

  • diversity and cultural history
  • ‘What is it to be a good citizen?’
  • ‘What is the good life?’
  • ‘What does it mean to be tolerant?’

The group also had a visit from critically acclaimed author of The Philosopher and the Wolf, Mark Rowlands, sparking a discussion on animals and morality.

Next steps

We will continue running the café and building up membership.

Please keep an eye on @CommunityGtwy for details on the next session.