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Music for Change

Reuel Elijah
Local artist Reuel Elijah

Organising and resourcing a cultural music event for the community.

The idea

Playing for change would bring together music from all cultures in Grangetown. I have music connections with some of the Jamaican and Hindu communities in Grangetown from being a music producer for many years. If we could hold an event in Grangetown I know many musicians across many different genres who could take part. (Grangetown Resident)

How can Cardiff University help?

Over the past few years local music and musicians have been included in several events at Grange Pavilion as part of the Community Gateway project. Love Grangetown, Community Gateway's annual celebration of the successful partnerships formed between the local community and Cardiff University has featured local artists Reuel Elijah, Sonny Double 1, Thobi Davis and Leighton Jones as well as local dance group Jukebox collective. It is hoped that the musicians and music of Grangetown will become a regular feature at the new Grange Pavilion when it opens its doors in 2020.