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Brain Health and Mental Wellbeing Division

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We deliver a range of early and later phase trials of surgical intervention, drugs, devices, complex interventions and health services.

Our researchers are part of a global consortium who published the first clinical guidance for the management of Huntington’s disease through physiotherapy.

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Areas of expertise

Our interdisciplinary expertise is applied across two key areas:

  • neurodevelopment
  • neurodegeneration.

Areas of specific interest include:

  • intellectual disability and autism
  • neurodegenerative movement disorders
  • healthy ageing
  • neuroinflammation and degeneration
  • mental health interventions in defined populations including rare diseases and those lacking capacity.

Efficient trial design and delivery

Through efficient trial design principles across our portfolio we use linked routine data and big datasets (including wearable fitness trackers and genomics) in our trials and studies. We incorporate ‘Studies within Trials’ to better understand efficiencies in trial processes and now implement risk adapted monitoring and remote monitoring in all our studies. We contribute to environmental sustainability through increased adoption of paperless methods and utilisation of remote communications.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement extends from the public and patient involvement in research meeting UK standards for public involvement to active engagement with industry and policy makers where relevant. We are building on our existing experience to embed co-production between stakeholders and researchers into our research activities and ensure that we monitor emerging impact.

Collaboration with Chief Investigators

We provide opportunities for joint working and development – with new or seasoned Chief Investigators. We work to support appropriately resourced trials and studies across a range of funders (in the UK and internationally) with strategic support of smaller studies. We have an open door policy, and will consider any well-designed research study or trial idea, even those currently outside scope.


Dr Rachel McNamara

Dr Rachel McNamara

Director for Brain Health and Mental Wellbeing Trials and Principal Research Fellow

+44 (0)29 2068 7614