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Public and patient involvement

Involving People Presentation

We work closely with study participants and the public to make sure our interventions are as effective, safe and well-designed as they can be.

Without the generous support of the public, we would not be able to carry out the high impact research that we do. The Centre is entirely dependent on recruiting and retaining motivated members of the public who wish to contribute to a healthier society and nation. This involves not only providing all required support to them during studies and trials, involving patients in trial design where possible, but also every participant's peace of mind that they are protected by appropriate data protection and data handling policies.

Physical Activity and Huntington's Disease

Getting engaged with research

We are trying to find a solution to problems caused by Huntington's Disease by working with people who have the disease, their family members, carers and professionals.

Centre Staff Active in the Involving People Network

Making research more relevant

The intervention for the EDDY study to develop an awareness campaign for the earlier detection of type 1 diabetes in children came directly from public participation.

Tron Participant Video

Direct participant experience

A participant talks about their experience during our study into the treatment of neurocognitive problems in tuberous sclerosis.