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Increasing research capacity in Wales, and building partnerships with researchers globally to design, conduct and publish well-designed trials and studies.

Research portfolio

Our current research portfolio is extensive and covers behaviour change, solid cancer and blood cancers, children and young people, and infections. We are continuing to develop well-designed studies outside our core areas, including trials for medical devices, and are establishing a portfolio of research on the older person.

We are willing to consider any well-designed study or trial idea, even those outside our current areas of research. We encourage researchers to contact us about potential project ideas and new partnerships together.

Centre research expertise

  • Drug trials from early to late phase
  • Trials and complex interventions
  • Understanding the mechanisms of potential disease and the way treatments work
  • Cohort studies
  • Conducting randomised controlled trials in community and non-health settings
  • Translating research into policy and practices
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The Centre for Trials Research at Cardiff University is one of the largest Registered Clinical Trials Units in the UK. We are organised into four divisions, each with specialisms.