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Workshop and 3D printing

a technical expert uses specialist machinery in the CUBRIC workshop
Cutting-edge brain research projects require innovative high-tech solutions by technical experts.

Our workshop contains the machinery and expert staff required to design, repair and create specialist equipment.

The role of the mechanical workshop is to provide technical support to staff and students at the Centre. We machine mechanical components to a very high specification using conventional and CAD machining methods. Our team of highly-skilled technicians regularly produce custom-built equipment, which is tailor-made to specific brain research imaging projects.

3D printing

We have two 3D printers (Stratasys Objet30 and Formlabs Form 2), which allow us to fabricate high-end rapid prototypes to support our research, working from pencil sketches and CAD drawings. We also have an electronics workbench, soldering station and a Roland Modela MDX-40A 3D milling machine.

a male technical expert uses a 3D printer to create a plastic mould
Researchers request custom designs which our experts construct using 3D printers and a variety of other tools.


Our workshop houses the following specialist equipment:

  • Stratasys Objet30 3D printer
  • Formlabs Form 2 3D printer
  • Kryptonic temperature-controlled digital soldering station
  • Proxxon MF70 micro miller fan
  • Purex fume extraction fan
  • PD 400 lathe
  • Sealey pillar drill
  • Record BS250 bandsaw
  • Roland Modela MDX-40A mill
  • Formech FLB500
  • SX2 Mini Mill
  • Tektronic TBS 10252B-EDU digital oscilloscope
  • Fluke 8808A 5-1/2 digital desktop multimeter (C2)
  • Bambo silent compressor
  • ISO- tech IPS 2303 Laboratory DC power supply
  • Tektronicx AFG1022 arbitrary function generator

Completed projects

The following projects were all custom-built on site using the tools and equipment in our workshop.