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Cognitive testing labs

Watch a video about our cognitive testing labs.

We host ten laboratories for state-of-the-art cognitive testing from both a research and clinical stand-point.

Our cognitive testing facilities include a flexible space for large-screen projection, movement tracking or virtual reality, as well as multiple smaller booths for computer-based tasks.

Each booth has a PC with E-Prime, MATLAB and PsychoPY software installed and a Nata response box fitted. The booths can also be used for other computer-based experiments or simply pen and paper responses.

Woman with her head in a cognitive testing device

A proportion of laboratories are equipped with eye tracking, from simple-to-use gaze monitoring to high-resolution high-speed tracking for eye movement metrics.

The latest MEG-compatible and MRI-compatible eye tracking facilities are available for concurrent imaging.

Moreover, cognitive protocols can be fully tested and piloted for the MRI environment using the MRI simulator.