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Previous events

Our past events range from hosting an international symposium to organising interactive festival experiences for members of the public.

Brain Night

People standing around a table with tubes and plastic balls attached to it.
Attendees of Brain Night playing with the juggle board, an exercise in concentration, eye-coordination and motor skills.

This event, held at The Gate Art Centre, featured games, performance, art and science, all inspired by the most complicated structure in the known universe – your brain.

Activities included brain games, a brain art exhibition, a neuroscience Q&A and an opportunity to meet the scientists.

Einstein's Garden

Watch a video about Einstein's Garden

In 2015, neuroscience researchers across the University collaborated to create Enhanced, a boundary-crossing experience that included live theatre, creative marketing and a soup├žon of next-generation ethical dilemmas.

Visitors to the experience (based in the Green Man Festival's Einstein's Garden) were confronted with biological enhancements sold by the fictional-yet-believable 'Hybrid Industries', and took part in the discussions and demonstrations that suggested not all biological enhancements are necessarily desirable.

Enhanced was the result of a public engagement grant from the Wellcome Trust designed to bring scientists and creatives together to generate novel experiences that challenged the public's perceptions of science and society.

Laboratory of Neuroillusions

We held the steampunk-powered Laboratory of Neuroillusions at the 2014 Green Man Festival. The lab showcased the complexity of participants' brains with experiments, games and surprises galore.

2nd Cardiff International Symposium on MRS of GABA

This meeting, held on 12-13 September 2013, brought together scientists applying magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) of gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) to questions of clinical and basic neuroscience and those working on issues surrounding data acquisition and processing.