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We run a regular programme of brain-mapping seminars for staff, students and the public.

Seminars take place every Monday during term time at 12:10, unless stated otherwise.

They will be held in the Hadyn Ellis Building (HEB) Lecture Theatre or the top floor seminar room of our building (CUBRIC), unless stated otherwise.

28 January 2019Yana Fandakova (MPI, Berlin)Cognitive control contributions to learning and memory: Development and neural plasticity in childhood and adolescenceCUBRIC
11 February 2019George Tackley (CUBRIC)Sensory modulation in the spinal cord and psychological implications - Insights from MRIHEB
25 February 2019Melissa Wright (CUBRIC)Changes in the visual cortex in glaucoma and their role in visual recovery: a 7T fMRI based studyHEB
4 March 2019Dr Roland Benoit (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig)Affective episodic simulationsHEB
11 March 2018Richard Binney (Bangor University)What does the anterior temporal lobe do? Reconciling observations across the perceptual, cognitive and social neurosciencesCUBRIC
18 March 2019 Sina Straub (German Cancer Research Centre)Neuro-applications of quantitative susceptibility mapping at ultra-high fieldCUBRIC
25 March 2019 Marios Philastides (University of Glasgow)Dynamic network reconstruction of human decision making and learning via EEG-fMRI fusionCUBRIC
1 April 2019Steve Fleming (UCL)Knowing our own minds: Metacognitive drivers of belief changeCUBRIC