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We run a regular programme of brain-mapping seminars for staff, students and the public.

Seminars take place every Monday during term time at 12:10, unless stated otherwise.

They will be held in the Hadyn Ellis Building (HEB) Lecture Theatre or the top floor seminar room of our building (CUBRIC), unless stated otherwise.

30 September 2019Charlotte Rae (University of Sussex)How do signals from the body shape our actions (and our inactions)?CUBRIC
7 October 2019Natalia Peridou (University Medical Centre, Utrecht)

From blood to neuron: how close can we get with BOLD fMRI at 7T

4 November 2019Prof Neil HarrisonCombining DPA-714 PET, Diffusion-weighted spectroscopy and endotoxin (LPS) challenge to screen novel microglial immunotherapiesCUBRIC
11 November 2019Sila Genc (CUBRIC)Advanced neuroimaging over childhood and adolescence: a first look at developmental applications from the Connectom ScannerCUBRIC
18 November 2019Jack Wells (UCL)

Non-invasive MRI of CSF-mediated brain clearance pathways

2 December 2019Robin Carhart-Harris (Imperial College London)Psychedelics: therapeutic mechanismsCUBRIC
27 January 2020Matt Brookes (University of Nottingham)Developing next generation magnetoencephalographyCUBRIC
23 March 2020Lorenzo Caciagli (UCL)Tracking cognitive dysfunction in epilepsy: insights from structural and functional MRICUBRIC