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Making a difference

Our research has a real impact across many areas, addressing major global challenges, seeking to deliver new solutions with major economic, societal and environmental impact. Our work is underpinned by innovation, collaboration and sustainability, to provide the platform to produce internationally leading research.

Impact highlights


Conserving endangered species

Our data driven conservation strategies are saving the lives of orangutans, elephants and pandas.

Steve Ormerod and Ed Milliband

Influencing policy on river conservation and management

Our approaches to analysing and modelling water systems have led to a world-leading discovery showing change on upland river ecosystems.

Research highlights

Net spinning

30 year river study finds overlooked extinction effect

Global change is causing freshwater species to be lost twice as fast as in any other ecosystem, and new research, which studied Welsh rivers and streams for over 30 years, has found that the number of specialist invertebrates are dwindling.

Farming in field

Harnessing beneficial bacteria for a sustainable future

Researchers discover sustainable and natural alternative to man-made chemical pesticides

Prostate scan

New genetic link for prostate cancer

Discovering the mechanisms that underlie prostate cancer

Researcher holding a petri dish

New understanding of an antibiotic could help tackle drug-resistant pathogen

A drug-resistant pathogen is one step closer to being tackled, thanks to new research from the University of Warwick and Cardiff University.

Image of a pregnant woman in winter cothing, outdoors

New research could explain why babies born during winter are at higher risk of developing mental health disorders

Winter and autumn babies are exposed to higher levels of maternal stress hormone

Image of a white tail eagle
White Tail Sea Eagle

Returning lost eagle species to Wales

Research taking place in Wales could see the return of lost eagle species to our countryside, bringing both conservation and economic benefits.

Stock image of genomics

COVID-19 genome sequencing project gets major upgrade

Cardiff University-led supercomputing project receives fresh funding to go global

Airbourne Lab flying over Bornean jungle

Airborne laboratory uncovers vital elephant habitats from the sky

Scientists in aeroplanes uncover crucial information about elephant movements through Borneo, helping develop a plan to protect the endangered species.

Engaging the public

Professor Simon Ward at the Eisteddfod
Professor Simon Ward at the Eisteddfod

A key priority of the School of Biosciences is engagement and community outreach. We are committed to sharing our research to encourage the next generation of scientists and raise public awareness for research in the area of biosciences.