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Technology hubs

The School of Biosciences offers access to cutting-edge research equipment and facilities via central technology hubs.

These technology hubs combine equipment support with integrated research expertise that is aligned to the School’s research priorities. Researchers can access resources and support via these central hubs and associated research groups throughout the School of Biosciences.

Confocal microscopy at the Bioimaging Research Hub

Bioimaging Research

The Bioimaging Research Hub develops and supports research using a range of microscopy techniques and associated sample preparation methods.

Stem Cell and Flow Cytometry Unit

Single Cell Analysis Research

The Single Cell Analysis Research Hub provides expertise in technologies that support the analysis of cell-by-cell variation. Central to the Hub’s mission is the support and development of fluorescence cell analysis technologies (FACS).

Analytical Unit

Small Molecule Research

The Small Molecule Research Hub provides customised solutions for the analysis of primary and secondary metabolites, and for environmental small biomolecules.

Horticultural unit

Plant Technology Research

The Plant Growth Technology Hub provides a broad range of plant growth facilities, supporting the development of plant research.

Scientist preparing tissue culture

Protein Technology Research

The Protein Technology Research Hub provides expertise and access to facilities for researchers working on all aspects of protein expression, purification, and the analysis of protein structure, function and interactions.


Genomics Research

The Genome Research Hub acts as a focus for a vibrant community of genomics researchers and supports user-driven next-generation sequencing for a wide-range of users and applications.

Data analysis on computer


The Biocomputing hub focuses on the processing and storage of information generated by data-intensive research within the School of Biosciences.

Core Technology Hub

The Core Technology Hub provides access to centrally managed equipment and facilities within Biosciences, across the Sir Martin Evans building.