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Accolades and recognition

Our research is held in high esteem across the world; this is demonstrated by the number of important prizes academic staff and their work have been awarded in recent years.

Awards include:

  • German International Design Award 2017, RIBA Regional Award 2017, and RIBA National Award for Walmer Yard (Salter)
  • Leading Wales Award and Sir Professor David Watson International Award for community–university partnerships, 2017 (Community Gateway, McVicar)
  • The International Council of Museums in Egypt for Best Practice of Museum Research and Engagement for the Belle Epoque Cairo Museums Itinerary 2017 (Sibley)
  • UK Buildings and Energy Efficiency Awards and the Cynnal Cymru Awards 2015 for SOLCER (Jones and colleagues)
  • The Chartered Institute of Housing award 2015 (Green)
  • The CIBSE Carter Bronze Medal 2017 (Knight)
  • The Constructing Excellence in Wales Innovation Award for ‘Rightsizing’, also Highly Commended at The National Constructing Excellence Awards 2020 (Forster)
  • 2018 Emerging Scholar Award by the Spaces & Flows Research Network (Peimani)
  • PLEA 2018 Merit Award for best Technical Paper (Whitman)
  • 2019 Young CAADRIA Award (Davidov√°)
  • The European Commission Europa Nostra Heritage Award 2019 (Wulff)

Exhibitions and conferences

Exhibitions are a key vehicle for dissemination of our by-design research. In recent years, our staff has exhibited work at high profile exhibitions and venues, such as the Museum of Urban History of Barcelona (Wulff) and at the Venice Biennale (Salter, Wulff).

Over the past few years, we have hosted several international conferences such as Smart Energy Regions (2016), Generosity (2018), and Sustainable Built Environment (2020).