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Prominent alumni

Cardiff University’s corridors have been home to a number of household names. Amongst our graduates we count Olympic champions, award-winning writers and big names in news and journalism.

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Award-winning writers

Highlighting the former National Poet of Wales, the 2014 Costa Short Story Award finalist and more.

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Well known actors, composers, film-makers and musicians from the entertainment world who are alumni at Cardiff University

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Featuring experts on ballistics and production logging, as well as a mechanical engineering academic at the top of his field.

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Business pioneers from a range of sectors, including optometry, finance and gastronomy who are alumni at Cardiff University

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Industry-leading reporters, TV presenters and newsreaders working in the UK and beyond.

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Groundbreaking work and research in genetics, optometry, radiography and more.

Rhys Jones

Sport and adventure

Fearless figures from a variety of sectors, including an Olympic racing champion, a reptile specialist and a Welsh rugby legend.