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Photo a dark-haired woman smiling

Susanna Reid

PGDip 1993, Hon 2015

Susanna is a journalist and TV presenter. She was the co-presenter of ‘BBC Breakfast’ until 2014 before joining the ITV Breakfast programme ‘Good Morning Britain’. Prior to joining ‘BBC Breakfast’, she worked for BBC Radio Bristol, Radio 5 Live and BBC News 24. She received an Honorary Fellowship from the University in 2015.

Image of a man with dark hair wearing a navy shirt. He is standing against a blue background and smiling into the camera

Manish Bhasin

PGDip 1998

Manish is a sports journalist and presenter. He was the BBC’s primary cricket presenter, hosting highlights of the 2006–07 Ashes Series, the 2007 World Cup and the 2011 Cricket World Cup. At the start of the 2009–10 English football season, Manish was chosen to present the BBC’s new Football League highlights package.

Photo of a man smiling

Jason Mohammad

PGDip 1997, Hon 2014

Jason joined the BBC in 1997 as a reporter for ‘BBC Wales Today’ before becoming the anchor of ‘Wales on Saturday’. In 2013, he became the host of ‘Final Score’ on BBC One. He is one of the main presenters on BBC Sport. Jason received an Honorary Fellowship from the University in 2014.

Image of  a man wearing glasses and a suit

James Goldston

PGDip 1991, Hon 2019

James is president of ABC News in America. Previously, he was the executive producer of Britain’s most watched current affairs program, ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’. During his time as producer and executive producer, the show won Royal Television Society’s prestigious Program of the Year Award three times in five years.

Kevin Maguire (PGDip 1984)

Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror.

Laura Trevelyan (PGDip 1991)

Correspondent for BBC World Service in America.

Emma Catherine Crosby (PGDip 1999)

Television newsreader and journalist who has appeared on Channel 5, Sky News, ITV and BBC News.

Claire Marshall (PGDip 1997)

Journalist for BBC News.

Matthew Tempest (PGDip 1997)

Journalist who has written for Der Speigel online, Guardian Unlimited and the Daily and Sunday Mirror.

Jade Callaway (BSc 2011)

Radio presenter.

Max Foster (BSc 1994)

Anchor and London Correspondent for CNN International.

Alan Johnston (PGDip 1987)

Journalist for the BBC.

Siân Lloyd (BA 1979)

Television presenter and former ITV meteorologist.

Behnaz Akhgar (PGDip 2005)

Weather presenter for BBC’s ‘Wales Today’.

Ambika Anand (PGDip 2004)

TV anchor and the editor in chief at NDTV Good Times.

Matthew Barbet (BA 1994, PGDip 1999)

Television presenter and journalist.

Guto Harri (PGDip 1998)

Former BBC Chief Political Correspondent and Communications Director for the Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s administration.

Lewis Vaughn Jones (PGDip 2005)

News Correspondent at ITN, ITV News.

Adina Campbell (PGDip 2008)

Journalist and newsreader for BBC South Today and television presenter.