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Image of a woman with dark hair smiling into the camera

Professor Karen Holford, FREng

BEng 1984, PhD 1987

Karen is Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Physical Sciences & Engineering. She first joined Cardiff University in 1990 as a lecturer in the School of Engineering and in 2010 became its first female director. Prior to that, she worked in industry, including roles within Rolls-Royce Ltd and AB Electronic Products Ltd.

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Professor Zhong Binglin

PhD 1994, Hon 2001

Zhong has been President of Beijing Normal University since 2001.

He is also a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Southeast University in Nanjing.

He received an Honorary Fellowship from the University in 2001.

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Iain Maxted

Engineering, 1982 - 1984

Iain founded Guardian Global Technologies Ltd in 2003; It's now the world's leading independent designer and manufacturer of downhole explosives deployment equipment for the international gas and oil industry. Iain has also been responsible for developing the shortest PL string in the world.

Image of a man wearing a white shirt and smiling into the camera

Gareth Hankins

BEng 1993

Gareth is the Director of Group Manufacturing at Renishaw PLC, one of the world’s leading engineering technology companies.

Marc Fischer

MEng 1999, PhD 2002, MBA 2003

Senior Vice-President for Flight Physics at Airbus.

Rhys Phillips

BA 2008

Research engineer, EADS.

Laurence Moroney

BSc 1991

Best-selling author and AI lead at Google