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Advanced research computing frequently stimulates groundbreaking and interdisciplinary research opportunities.

These techniques are increasingly being used across the whole spectrum of research disciplines including biomedical and life sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, as well as traditionally in physical sciences and engineering.

We have opened doors to new research techniques such as:

  • simulations of the origin and evolution of stars and galaxies
  • genetic sequencing
  • medical and dental simulations
  • visualisation of large or complex scanned images.

We promote information dissemination and collaboration through:

  • remote access to large research databases
  • inexpensive video conferencing across the internet
  • world-wide collaborative data analysis.

Our work on interdisciplinary research areas includes:

  • fluid and earth mantle simulations
  • economic forecasting
  • modelling of molecules and proteins.

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If you have an idea which you think may benefit from advanced research computing, but are unsure how to proceed, get in touch.

Advanced research computing