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Hawk supercomputing resources

Hawk supercomputing resources

31 March 2021

ARCCA introduces new software environments to enable interactive use of HPC resources and graphical user access

RDS service available on Hawk

Integrating the University’s Research Data Store and Hawk services to support researchers

1 March 2021

The University's storage service (Research Data Store) specifically for live research data is now available on the Hawk Supercomputer.

ARCCA Hawk facilities

ARCCA facilities supporting work to improve the circularity of the UK chemical industry

26 January 2021

ARRCA facilitating School of Chemistry in transforming disregarded compounds into cleaner and more efficient sustainable products.

Dark image of the supercomputer with lights

ARCCA delivers a computational service to support NHS clinical diagnostics in Wales

16 December 2020

A new computational facility, “WREN”, to support clinical diagnostics in Wales.

Jose Criollo Nvidia Ambassador

ARCCA Support Analyst receives NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Ambassador Award

30 November 2020

ARCCA's Systems Support / Developer Analyst, Jose Javier Munoz Criollo has been awarded certified NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Ambassador status.

ARCCA supporting AI and Data-driven research

26 October 2020

Delivering enhanced services to support AI and Data-driven research opportunities

Image of lightbulb and sapling

ARCCA facilities supporting work to unlock the power of ammonia

29 September 2020

Hawk supercomputer supports research into new methods to help minimise pollutants

Advanced Research Computing extending the Hawk network fabric

24 August 2020

Advanced Research Computing continues the expansion of the “Hawk” supercomputing system at Cardiff University

CMB Measurements

Nature’s oldest light gives new insight into the age of the universe

15 July 2020

New observations of the afterglow of the Big Bang place the universe at 13.8 billion years old

Dark image of the supercomputer with lights

Rapid expansion of the Hawk supercomputer delivered within two years

18 June 2020

The Hawk High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, successor to both the Raven and HPC Wales services, has experienced expansion by a factor of ca. 2.5 within 2 years.