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Council members

Council is made up of a majority of independent members as well as staff and student members.

Ex officio

Name Role End of current term of office
Professor Stuart PalmerChair 31/07/2021
Jan JuilleratVice-Chair 31/07/2021
Professor Colin Riordan Vice-Chancellor 31/08/2023
Professor Karen HolfordDeputy Vice-Chancellor 31/03/2023

Independent members

Name Role End of current term of office
Dr Carol Bell Lay member 31/07/2020
Judith Fabian Lay member 31/07/2021
Professor Dame Janet Finch Lay member 31/07/2022
Alastair Gibbons Lay member 31/07/2020
Michael HampsonLay member31/07/2021
Jan JuilleratLay member/Vice-Chair of Council31/07/2023
Dr Steven Luke MBE Lay member 31/07/2021
Professor Stuart Palmer Lay member/Chair of Council 31/07/2023
Linda Phillips Lay member 31/07/2020
Len RichardsLay member31/07/2021
John ShakeshaftLay member31/07/2022
David Simmons Lay member 31/07/2022
Judge Ray SinghLay Member31/07/2022
Dr Janet WademanLay Member31/07/2022
Agnes Xavier-PhillipsLay Member31/07/2021

Two of the Pro Vice-Chancellors

NameRoleEnd of current term of office
Professor Rudolf AllemannPro Vice Chancellor, Physical Sciences and Engineering31/07/2021
Professor Kim GrahamPro Vice Chancellor, Research, Innovation and Engagement31/07/2021

Members of the Senate

Name Role/Department End of current term of office
Professor Marc BuehnerSchool of Psychology31/07/2020
Professor Mary HeimannSchool of History, Archaeology and Religion31/07/2020
Professor Kenneth HamiltonSchool of Music31/07/2022

Members of staff (other than academic staff)

Name Department End of current term of office
Ricardo CalilUniversity Library Service31/07/2022
Paul BastonSecurity Services31/07/2020

Student members

Name Role End of current term of office
Jackie YipPresident of the Students' Union 30/06/2020
Tomos Evans Vice President Education30/06/2020


Name Role
Deborah Collins Chief Operating Officer