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School of Healthcare Studies Annual Research Conference 2009

Friday 20th November 2009

Conference Programme

Location: All Nations Centre 

Morning session

Reception Area
9.00am Registration

Main Auditorium
9.20am Chair’s Introduction
Professor Roger Mansfield, Head of School

9.30am  Key Note Speaker – Dr Julia Sanders 
Senior Project Manager, South East Wales Trials Unit

Julia Sanders Presentation 2009 [807.5 Kb]

Evaluating the Family Nurse Partnership in England: a randomised controlled trial

10.30am Refreshment – Reception Area

10.50am Professor Patricia Price
Head of School Designate from 1st February 2010

11.00am Key Note Speaker – Professor Bruce Davies 
Faculty of Health, Sport and Science, University of Glamorgan

Bruce Davies Presentation 2009 [4.1 Mb]

Lifestyle modification - A Stitch in Time?

12.00am Poster Session (continues over lunch)

12.30pm Lunch – Reception Area

Afternoon sessions

1.15pm Afternoon Seminars
Seminar 1a - Main Auditorium

Presenter: Karen Eckloff
Title: Digital Tomosynthesis in the Evaluation of Acute Scaphoid Fractures 

Presenter: Una Jones
Title: Measuring Inspiratory Muscle Strength using Sniff Nasal Inspiratory Pressure in Huntington’s Disease 

Seminar 1b - Muller Room

Presenter: Jill Riley
Title: Researching from the Inside: Re-Defining the ‘Self’ Through Reflexive Ethnography 

Presenter: Ruth Squire
Title: Valued Occupations of Individuals with Arthritis: Uncovering Complexity, Positive Adaptations and the Unique Perspectives 

Seminar 1c - Wallis Room

Presenter: Hywel Rogers
Title: Information Management and Technology (IM&T) Survey of the Radiographic Workforce 

Presenter: Rachael Barlow
Title: Randomised Controlled Trial of Early Enteral Nutrition (EEN) versus Conventional Management (CON) in patients undergoing Major Resection for Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer  

2.15pm Refreshments – Reception Area

2.30pm Afternoon Seminars

Seminar 2a - Main Auditorium

Presenter: Carly Reagon
Title: Using Mixed Methods to Investigate Condition Management Programmes 

Presenter: Mike Smith
Title: How can we make our Research Clinically Relevant? 

Seminar 2b - Muller Room

Presenter: Hanan Khalil
Title: A Study of Movement Deficits and Physiotherapy in People with Huntington’s Disease 

Presenter: Sue Delport
Title: An Exploratory Study of Teachers’ Perceptions of their Role Assisting Children with Coordination Difficulties in a South Wales Valley: A Knowledge Base for Paediatric Occupational Therapists 

Seminar 2c - Wallis Room

Presenter: Mark Linehan
Title: Undertaking a Sytematic Review of Diagnostic Accuracy: A Personal Experience 

Presenter: Alun E Morgan
Title: ‘The Development of a Community SPIRIT – The Journey so Far’ 

3.30pm Finish