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Be part of something brilliant.

A multi-million pound Research Institute with the vision to become an international leader in the field of cancer stem cell research, our people are ambitious, working to help shape the future of cancer research.

They provide a mix of established stellar cancer researchers plus those with demonstrable potential to become the next generation of internationally renowned cancer stem cell researchers.  They work with existing world-leading teams in basic biomedical science, genetic, drug development and clinical trials, creating a UK hub which is the European centre for cancer stem cell research.

Together we aim to improve the understanding of cancer stem cells and the role they play in a range of cancers; develop new therapies which can be shown to make a real difference in the clinic; and ultimately, transform the survival rates for patients suffering from all types of cancer.

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PhD programmes

New opportunity

In conjunction with the School of Pharmacy and the Neurosciences & Mental Health Research Institute, we are recruiting for a new PhD position in Neuroncology.

The project offers state of the art training in 3D culture technology, confocal and timelapse imaging, morphometric and stereological analysis of tissues and structures, a wide spectrum of techniques in cell and molecular biology aspects of neuroscience and oncology, such as qPCR, FACS sorting, western blotting, ELISAs and immunohistochemistry, as well as drug target validation and drug discovery and development. This will be within a framework of how such technologies are actively developed and applied toward the replacement and reduction of animal experimentation. Find out more.

For information relating to all PhD courses at Cardiff University, please see the main University pages on postgraduate study.

Clinical scientist training/work placements

A part of our vision will be to build a strong bridge between fundamental scientific investigation of cancer stem cells and the application of this knowledge for the treatment of disease. In the laboratories and clinics linked to the Research Institute, there may be the opportunity for work placements. At the current time no placements are available, but as more details become available they will be updated on this page.

We also receive many requests for internships, but do not currently have any formal internship opportunities within the Institute at present.