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THRIVE Winners Experience Jaguar Land-Rover Plant

9 May 2013


Samuel Miller, Marcus Connolly, Dr Tom Tatchell and Joe Bricknell.

The School of Chemistry is pleased to announce this year’s THRIVE Experience Winners. Samuel Miller, Marcus Connolly and Joe Bricknell all received a day at the Jaguar Land-Rover plant in Whitley, Coventry. These winners along with Dr Tom Tatchell were given a guided tour of the plant, saw new models of cars before public release and observed new engines being tested in the workshops.

The lucky winners were shown how chemistry plays an important part of the processes inside a catalytic converter and how chemists can have a direct input in the development of new converters. With legislation ever-changing, the need for lower exhaust emissions is a crucial factor in car production. Within a car engine, harmful gases such as CO, NOx and differing hydrocarbons are produced when fuel is burned. These must be reacted again to form less harmful products such as CO2, N2 and H2O. Chemists will play a pivotal role in ensuring that these emissions are reduced and meet legal standards.

On behalf of the winners, The School of Chemistry and Cardiff University we would like to thank Jaguar Land-Rover for this fantastic prize.

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