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Impact at the School of Chemistry

Our research is working to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy and our environment.

We collaborate with many industries and national and international organisations to translate our high quality chemical research into a broad spectrum of applications. These include:

  • health (e.g. novel imaging agents)
  • clean chemical manufacture (e.g. exploiting benign oxidising agents)
  • environmental clean-up (e.g. exhaust after-treatment)
  • sustainability (e.g. replacing rare metals in catalysis)
  • security (e.g. sensors for chemical warfare agents)
  • energy (e.g. photocatalysis and biofuels)


Student testing a catalyst in a lab

Why gold is the key to a glittering future

Our newly identified catalyst has the potential to save lives, improve health and clean up the environment.


Environmentally friendly Perspex production

We developed a homogeneous catalyst to enable an environmentally friendly and efficient route for Perspex.

Advanced Computing

Predicting molecular properties using advanced computing

Molpro is a software package that enables chemists to calculate from first principles the properties of molecular matter.

Space Exploration

Supplying clean air to save lives

We are developing catalysts which remove deadly carbon monoxide from confined environments.